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Driver sentenced to five years in prison for Ocean City death

NANCY POWELL ¦ Staff Writer

Diogo Facchini Diogo Facchini(Nov. 16, 2012) The driver who struck and killed a Towson University student in Ocean City on Memorial Day was sentenced last Friday to five years in prison.

Diogo Miller Facchini, 30, of Lorton, Va., was driving on Coastal Highway at 54th Street at about 1:20 a.m. when he struck Matthew Jude Cheswick, 22, of Cooksville.

Cheswick was crossing the highway and had almost reached the sidewalk when he was struck by Facchini’s Isuzu Rodeo in the bus lane. Facchini did not stop, but continued driving north and then turned east on 55th Street. Witnesses had followed him.

Facchini pleaded guilty Sept. 7 to negligent homicide with a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and failure to immediately stop a vehicle at the scene of an accident involving injury. Other charges against him were not prosecuted in exchange for the guilty pleas.

After Facchini’s pleaded in Circuit Court in Snow Hill, Judge Richard Bloxom ordered a presentence investigation. Last Friday, Bloxom sentenced Facchini to five years in prison for the first charge and he gave him a suspended fiveyear sentence on the second charge. He also fined Facchini $5,000.

Facchini will be on five years of supervised probation after his release from prison.

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  1. Many, many drivers and pedestrians in OCMD are truly uncareing and careless in the roadways. Inconsiderate pedestrians hop out from the bush-covered street islands. Some just dont care to use official crosswalks and take their chances. This horrifies me. I can’t tell you how often I’ve had to jam on the break because someone made an impatient decision.
    Then there are the Drivers who think Coastal Highway is a speed way, or a place to burn rubber. Some play their music sooo loud that it can be heard a block away. Others have some sort of “smoke” device attached
    to their car. At certain intervals they let loose and create a smoke screen causing a terrible, deadly driving situation for automobiles behind them. I had this happen to me several times. Not only could I NOT see in front of me while driving, but could not stop coughing, creating a double hazard. Where are the cops when this goes on during Crusie Week-end and other times.
    On a daily basis, many of the cars seem to be in a hurry to go nowhere and blast up the street only to be causht at the stop light.
    I’ve said this before, other neighborhoods have created an atmosphere friendly to pedistrians and drivers by lowering the speed limit.
    Rehoboth, Bethany for example lift up their clienteel by
    creating respectful atmosphere in the commnity.
    On the other hand Ocean City attracts many low lifes who don’t care. It’s all about what they can get away with.
    Fourty miles and hour on Coastal creates a “Devil May Care” attitude on the road.


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