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Do Good & Feel Good With Nadina’s Cremes

If you are in Ocean City this week, you may notice a couple of changes as you drive down Coastal Highway. The speed limit, normally 40 mph through North Ocean City, has been reduced to 30 mph, and Downtown, the speed limit has also been reduced. This is due to the expected, unauthorized H2Oi Pop-Up Rally.  It is reasonable to expect heavier than usual traffic, noise and strict enforcement of vehicle laws during the week and weekend.

Ocean City, Maryland Shopping

We can all agree that life is a bit fast-paced. Many people have more than one job, and the need to multi-task has never been so high. On top of the demands life throws at us, we also must be frugal with our money and find products or items that have multiple uses. And if we can find a product that actually does good for the community, nation, or Earth, we consider ourselves lucky. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many find themselves at that place where they want a good gift but also a good deal. Wrap up all the desire for products that are versatile, beneficial, luxurious, and worth the price and you’d have Nadina’s Cremes.

Founded by Jill Nadine (upper right), the company seeks to offer buyers luxurious bath products–shampoos, soy candles, bath salts, creams, etc.–with the environment in mind. Nadine’s humble start of making creams with women in Africa translates to her philosophy.
“The product is simple and pure; we don’t use artificial coloring, artificial emulsifiers, or preservatives which is 90% of the products in drug stores,” says Nadine. Clearly, going natural is key because within a few years of business, Nadine reached 1 million dollars in sales. “I went from a gypsy lifestyle to having a million-dollar business,” she laughs. Nadine even has a string of celebrities that pine after her products like Sarah McLachlan. Her products have also been in use for many years in reputable businesses like The Institute of Neurological Care, Ten Thousand Waves (a spa), and Hilton Spas. And it’s no wonder why celebrities and businesses alike have taken notice of Nadina’s Cremes. Not only does she put her products in over 1,000 stores nationwide, but a portion of the profits goes to preserving the rainforest. Nadine explains that as she studied the environment at Texas A&M, she wanted to educate people how the rainforest is our main source of oxygen. The tags on her products educate customers on the harmful effects of logging and rainforest destruction. Nadine also cares for the home front too; over the years, the company has donated to over 20 charities like the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The altruistic founder and owner also invests in the community. For 22 years, she has relied on the hands of those at the Providence Center in Arnold, Maryland for all her displays. The developmentally challenged craft every one of her ceramic jars that house her fabulous organic creams. In a nutshell, purchasing from Nadina’s Cremes benefits the rainforest, other charities, the developmentally challenged (to the right), and of course Nadine (she deserves a little credit, too). Ocean City, Maryland Shopping

Out of Nadine’s passionate advocacy for protecting the environment, the company does not use animal testing or artificial ingredients and instead, focuses on creating products with natural ingredients like coconut oil, almond oil, aloe vera, and beeswax. Nadina’s products don’t even contain water, which would adulterate their pure composition. Hence, you are getting the most natural, most healthy, most value out of the beauty nature intended.The creams Nadine makes are also organic. The reason for creating organic products is simple: “what you put on your skin is absorbed,” Nadine says. Nadine wants you to breathe better with her advocacy to save the rainforest and she wants you to have healthy skin. We could use more people like Nadine.

Ocean City, Maryland Shopping  We have already established that Nadina’s Cremes offers shoppers fantastically healthy products that are also beneficial to nature and the community. Even still, the appeal of Nadina’s Cremes is also in the creative containers that house the luxurious products. The creams come in beaded, fair trade tins from India that are as versatile as the products. The vibrant tins can be used to hold jewelry, loose coins, dismantled buttons, and anything else that’s small and needs a safe place. Nadine also commented that she’s had a few couples utilize the tins as favors at weddings. Of course you could always place votive candles in the jars and re-gift them. We won’t tell. Scented cremes in these lovely tins range in cost from $12.50 to $22.50–practical and inexpensive! Nadina’s also offers their products in handmade pottery and glass-blown jars made by challenged adults.

As aforementioned, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, finding a gift that’s meaningful, inexpensive and useful is ultra-important. For those of you who consider it romantic to sit in a crowded restaurant next to other couples attempting to be romantic, it’s time to try something new. Dinner can be for any night, but Valentine’s Day requires privacy. For something special, try this: light some of Nadina’s soywax candles around the house, make a bath full of Nadina’s delightful Dead Sea bath crystals, get out Nadina’s sensual organic cream, fill some of Nadina’s hand-blown glass jars with flowers, crack open a bottle of champagne, and see where the night takes you and your love. Nadina’s Cremes offers Valentine’s promotions to get the most bang for your buck. Here’s the low-down: get 1 free beaded heart tin after you purchase 1; get 1 free tin after purchase of 1 medium ceramic jar or purchase of bulk container; get 2 free tins after purchase of large ceramic jar; get 1 bath crystal free after purchasing 1, plus get a free heart tin; the glass-blown jars are the same cost as small ceramic jars. Or, if you’d like to send your love a gift via mail, order online at nadinascremes.com. Purchasing online also allows you to write a message to whomever the fabulous product is for. Though Nadine’s products make fabulous Valentine’s Day gifts, quality bath products make lovely gifts for any occasion. What woman doesn’t want to pamper her skin and hair, especially if the items come in beautiful reusable containers?

As Nadina only uses natural ingredients in her products, the scents she offers are also natural. Don’t worry, you will not smell like a pine tree. “People would stop me and ask what I was wearing because I smelt so good,” Nadine says as part of the reason she began the marketing her products. And now, Nadine has plenty of scents to suit everyone’s tastes: amber, angelica, be well (eucalyptus, lavendar, & rosemary), frankincense, gardenia, jasmine, key lime, lavendar, magnolia, moonspice (cinnamon, rose, & musk), morning musk, mountain rain, myrrh, night queen (floral), opium, patchouli (musk), rose, sandalwood, spice & fire, starlight (sandalwood & vanilla), sunshine (lemon, orange, & bergamot), tropical pleasures, twig & earth (like starlight blend), unscented (coconut & almond oils), white sage, and ylang ylang (exotic Asian blend). There are other scents too, like the ones of what Nadina calls “Aromaland”: angel, buddha, mint, exotic, goddess, etc. Nadine has also collaborated with Aubrey Organics, a line in most health stores across the nation, to come up with a variety of scents: greenery (blend of roses), jade spice, light citrus floral, ocean water, passion flower, and spring floral. Any of these delightful scents can be purchased online or in several stores around Ocean City. K Coast, Quiet Storm, and OC Organics all carry Nadina’s Cremes. Though the green-minded company offers 53 scents, if there’s a favorite scent you don’t see represented, Nadina’s can make you a custom scent. In fact, in purchasing from Nadina’s Cremes, you’ll be helping yourself find luxury, helping a good company, helping the environment, and helping those who craft the ceramics. It’s the ultimate retail therapy.Ocean City, Maryland Shopping Check out their site!

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