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Dew Tour proposing June 26-29 dates for next year’s festival

(June 14, 2013) With the third iteration of the wildly popular extreme sports festival slated to go off next weekend, the city has indicated that the Dew Tour is already requesting a June date for the fourth annual show in 2014.

At this week’s meeting of the city’s Recreation and Parks Commission, Assistant Director of Recreation and Parks Susan Petito said that promoter Alli Sports is tentatively requesting June 26-29 for next year’s event

“This would basically be the Thursday-through-Sunday before the Fourth of July,” Petito said.

The Dew Tour has changed its timing each year it has been in the resort, with the first year’s event being in July of 2011, the second year being in August, and the current year in June.

The major influence on this schedule, Petito said, appears to be NBC. The Dew Tour is nationally televised, but must work around other live sports coverage that the network may already have ongoing.

The issue with the proposed 2014 date, however, is that may cause a logistical dilemma for the resort even more severe than the one being experienced this year, with the Dew Tour’s beach stadium setup – currently underway – and tear-down overlapping with several other events and draining resources from the town’s Public Works and Police Departments.

If the Dew Tour is unable to break down its 2014 event in a very short time span, Petito noted, it could interfere with the city’s Fourth of July fireworks, given that the Dew Tour’s site is within the restricted zone surrounding the fireworks’ launch site.

“I believe their footprint interferes with what the fire marshal considers to be the safety zone,” Petito said.

The event would only have four days to tear down the site, Petito noted. The first two years’ events were allocated five, and this year’s event has a full seven days for de-construction.

“So if they had five days, and then bumped it up to seven, asking them to drop back to four would probably not be an option,” surmised Councilman and commission chair Joe Mitrecic.

There was some question on the commission as to whether or not having equipment – such as skateboard ramps and stadium seats – within the firing zone would be a hazard as long as no actual people were within the prescribed radius, or if fireworks spectators on the beach would be able to see over any left behind Dew Tour structures.

Further, Special Events Coordinator Lisa Mitchell said June 28 and 29 of 2014 were likely to be requested for the Beach 5 Sand Soccer tournament, another popular and recurring sports event.

“Unfortunately, [the Dew Tour] may have to dictate when the sand soccer is, as opposed to when it wants to be,” Mitrecic said.

Although he said he would prefer to see the event in August, Councilman Dennis Dare noted that “the publicity you get in June for the Dew Tour lasts all summer.”

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  1. hey Zack, any word on if Ocean City confirmed these dates or not? If not, is there an expected date they they will confirm/deny?


    • AJ, I emailed Alli Sports and asked about the Dew Tour 2014 in OCMD. I was told to keep checking the website for updates. Apparently, they will post the dates as soon as they know.

      I would love to know ASAP though so I can book a room for the week of the tour. Zach, do you have any information on the possible dates of the tour?

  2. Hey Zach,
    My daughter and I are making out summer plans and they usually float around the Dew Tour. Any new updates on when the events are going to take place?
    Thanks so much!

  3. Go to Ticket Master and ask them to email you before tickets go on sale. You will know BEFORE tickets are on sale and dates will be confirmed.


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