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If you have been wondering who will be competing at the Dew Tour, then look no further! It was just released that there will be quite a few big names dropping in for the beach portion of the Dew Tour. One of those big name athletes include, Bucky Lasek, a Baltimore native who had this to say about the upcoming event, “I’m really looking forward to coming back to my hometown to compete in the Pantech Beach Championships,” With Lasek excited and ready to compete, we are sure to see something crazy from this legend of the sport. “The Dew Tour’s concrete bowl is second to none, and with all the great events for fans and beach atmosphere, it’s sure to be a fun time for everyone.” The Dew Tour’s concrete bowl will be brought to Ocean City, and will have two competitions.

Lasek isn’t the only big name athlete coming to OC in a few weeks; Pierre-Luc Gagnon will also be in attendance, as he prepares to tear up the vert competition as always. The vert competition will also include, Pedro Barros, Mitchie Brusco, Bob Burnquist, Sandro Dias, Tom Schaar and Elliott Sloan. Spectators will get a chance to check out an up and coming star Tom Schaar as he plans to tear up the Mega 2.0™. Schaar is the first person ever to land a 1080°, fellow young gun Brusco will also be looking to make a splash on the Mega 2.0™.

Barros, Dias, Lasek, Andy Macdonald, Ben Hatchell and Nolan Munroe are among the many pros to compete in the pro contest. There will also be a legend contest held where skaters like Steve Caballero, Chris Miller, Steve Alba, Christian Hosoi and Lance Mountain will be able to show off their signature tricks and timeless skills.

BMX legend Jamie Bestwick will also be in attendance and looking to dominate the Mega 2.0™ in the vert competition, while going up against some of the sports best athletes such as Steve McCann and Chad Kagy. There will also be a BMX park located near the ocean with competitors such as 2011 Dew Cup winner Scotty Cranmer, as well as Kyle Baldock, Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Garrett Reynolds, Ben Wallace and more ready to battle it out on the beach.

Confirmed skateboard and BMX athletes include:

Pedro Barros Pedro Barros Steve Alba Jake Brown
Marcelos Bastos Sam Beckett Steve Caballero Bob Burnquist
Sam Beckett Charlie Blair Eddie Elguerra Mitchie Brusco
Mitchie Brusco Bob Burnquist Jeff Grosso Jagger Eaton
Bob Burnquist Kalani David Christian Hosoi Pierre-Luc Gagnon
Sandro Dias Dalton Dern Tony Magnusson Ronaldo Gomes
Pierre-Luc Gagnon Sandro Dias Chris Miller Andy Macdonald
Ronaldo Gomes Benji Galloway Lance Mountain Edgar Pereira
Juergen Horrwarth Omar Hassan Pat Ngho Tom Schaar
Bucky Lasek Ben Hatchell Duane Peters Elliott Sloan
Andy Macdonald Willis Kimbel Adam Taylor
Danny Mayer Andrew Langi
Alex Perelson Bucky Lasek
Paul-Luc Ronchetti Andy Macdonald
Tom Schaar Zach Miller
Jono Schwan Nolan Munroe
Elliott Sloan Michael O’Friel
Adam Taylor Michael Owen
Lincoln Ueda Alex Perelson
Steven Pineiro
Austin Poynter
Ben Raybourn
Tom Remillard
Josh Rodriguez
Tom Schaar
Sky Siljeg
Alex Sorgente
Josh Stafford




Kyle Baldock

Jamie Bestwick

Vince Byron

Brett Banasiewicz

Vince Byron

Austin Coleman

Drew Bezanson

Austin Coleman

James Foster

Andy Buckworth

Chad Kagy

Chad Kagy

Vince Byron

Mykel Larrin

Steve McCann

Diogo Canina

Steve McCann

Anthony Napolitan

Pat Casey

Dennis McCoy

Kevin Robinson

Austin Coleman

Kevin Robinson

Colton Satterfield

Scotty Cranmer

Simon Tabron

Morgan Wade

Rob Darden

Jimmy Walker

Zack Warden

Daniel Dhers

Zack Warden

Brandon Dosch

Coco Zurita

Dennis Enarson

Ryan Guettler

Ben Hennon

Josh Harrington

Chase Hawk

Chad Kerley

Harry Main

Ryan Nyquist

Kevin Peraza

Garrett Reynolds

Daniel Sandoval

Jeremiah Smith

Mike Spinner

Morgan Wade

Ben Wallace

Zack Warden

Mark Webb

Gary Young

*Athlete appearances are subject to change.


The Dew Tour can be seen on NBC, NBC Sports Network, as well as a new digital platform with a live feed for the event. Be sure to also check out DewTour.com for exclusive behind the scenes and in-depth content on the Tour. There will be more live coverage of the event than in any previous year.

*For more information on the entire tour be sure to check out http://www.dewtour.com








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