Couple gets anniv. surprise



Recently my husband and I visited Ocean City, Md., where we had met many years ago. We decided to dine at our favorite seafood restaurant.

Chatting with our friendly waitress, we mentioned that we had met in Ocean City some 62 years ago and that we were celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary. She was duly impressed and served us a delicious feast.

After the meal, my husband requested the check. Our waitress replied, “No need, sir, the couple sitting next to you has paid the bill.”

“What, my husband said, the bill was over $80.”  We both then turned to look at the table and– there were two empty chairs. We had noticed the attractive couple, but had no conversation with them, not even eye contact.

My husband jumped from his chair and ran through the restaurant to find the couple and thank them. To no avail, they were gone. They had paid with cash so there was no way to identify them.

I must admit, I stayed there and cried. With all of the cruelty, hatred, and meanspiritedness in this country and the world, to experience such a kind gesture, given anonymously, was incredible. So much evil and suddenly there is good.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, please know that two ancients thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Readers, do you believe in Angels?

Jane Logan Kearney

New Hope, Pa.

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