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County Briefs, 10/10/14

By Brian Gilliland

Staff Writer

Berlin library stutter steps to start

Finding the previous plan untenable because of a lack of what the commissioners called “good bids” a new library project schedule proposal was approved during the last meeting.

The approval covers planning, pre-design and early schematic services and will be proposed by Jeff Schoellkopf, an associate at The Design Group. This proposal is said to be more narrowly focused and will allow team selection and preliminary design as the first step in the process. Next will come completing the building program, which will include the production of several early schematics.

The commissioners approved setting aside traditional bidding on the project and an amount not to exceed $39,000 plus reimbursable expenses to fund the second initial undertaking.


CDBG plans updated

Maryland’s State Community Development Block Grant Office requested several updates to Worcester County’s existing Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity plan, Minority Business plan and Section 3 plans to comply with federal guidelines.

The state office provided boilerplate text for the changes, which were reviewed by County Attorney Sonny Bloxom and quickly approved by the rest of the commissioners.


Recycling coming to a condo near you

A public hearing opened and closed without comment on the adoption of an amendment to the county’s Solid Waste Management plan.

Apartment and condominium officials containing 10 or more units will be held responsible for providing containers, labor and equipment necessary for the collection and recycling of plastic, metal, glass containers and paper for their residents.

If passed on Oct. 17, the plan update will take effect on or before Halloween.


WorCo Sheriff’s office gets overtime

Deputies tasked to reduce DWI and aggressive driving within the county will see their efforts compensated in part due to a grant by the county.

The department notes this grant has been received in the past and will pay overtime to the tune of about $13,250 for the officers involved in the efforts.


Conservation grants accepted

More than $1.6 million in conservation grants were accepted by the county commissioners for the Coastal Bays Rural Legacy area and the Dividing Creek Rural Legacy area to purchase conservation easements.

Katherine Munson spearheaded the effort that secured the funding, and the Coastal Bays RLA award is among the largest on the shore for this year.


Budget offsets accepted

As a housekeeping measure the end of fiscal year 2014 budget transfers were reviewed and accepted by the commissioners.

The amount of transfers totaled $183,089, all of which were offset by cuts in other areas according to the report provided to the commissioners.


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