Council should hear what issues concern you



Recently the Ocean City Mayor and City Council discussed a problem it has discovered: skateboards. This threat to our calm and quiet resort community has seemingly given rise to the possible need for additional controls and constraints that the Council may wish to impose to safeguard the peace and sanity of our community.

In the meantime, as we move to the fall season, the scheduled Bike Week and Cruiser Week plans are proceeding apace. Recent discussions by the city, event sponsors, and the Ocean City Police Department concluded that we have a serious problem with these events but the problems are not with the sponsors, the city or the police, but with those who invade the town coincidently and occupy private property and the city streets.

Apparently efforts by the city to act in the interests of local residents and visitors alike have met resistance from our “partners” in the local business community who seemingly don’t wish to risk alienating their customers to ensure order and safety on our streets, as suggested by the chief of police.

I’m not making this up, read recent local papers that make this clear and the response of our “partners.” So prepare for the semi-annual invasion(s) by the exhaust free, unregistered participants and others who just enjoy speeding (racing) on Coastal Highway, the side streets in the north end of town which turn in to parking lots for trailers and such, and wherever else it suits their fancy. If the promoters, police, our “partners,” and our Council can’t face up to the issues, it must be our fault (residents and visitors). Where do we turn now?

I have often heard council members state that they have not heard from residents regarding issues under consideration by the Council, therefore they sense no interest or concern on the part of the community. Please consider calling or writing council members on matters you feel strongly about, they deserve to hear your views as they consider taking action while conducting the Towns business.

Joe Moran

Ocean City

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