Council endorsements: Hartman, James, Rudolf, DeLuca


After several years of local government beset by political acrimony and councilmanic clique warfare, we believe it truly is time for a change.

Some fresh eyes examining city government’s situation and its relationship with taxpayers, residents and businesses would be more than just welcome, it also would provide relief from the deeply entrenched notion that there is only one way to do things.

With that in mind, we endorse four candidates who have never been involved in local politics, but who, we believe, will give the City Council a perspective on how the public’s business ought to be conducted without revisiting old battles with foes both real and imagined.

We recommend Wayne Hartman, who has established himself as a good businessman and an independent thinker, attributes that he so ably demonstrated at a recent candidate’s forum.

He also possesses what job recruiters would call leadership ability.

Hard-working Matt James also gets our endorsement. Some will say he is too young, and we say they are wrong. Rare would be the elected official in this community who took office knowing how to run a $90 million budget. They learned on the job, just as Councilman Dennis Dare did, for instance, when he rose from city engineer to city manager some years back.

We believe that James is earnest, intelligent and highly capable, qualities that we would want in all elected officials, but don’t always get.

Christopher Rudolf earned his political chops working for the Republican caucus in the state legislature. That would suggest a conservative pro-business bent, especially in matters of spending and taxation.He also is young, but again we think it’s time that local politics got a transfusion of new blood.

Tony DeLuca is one of the few candidates in some time to have top-tier business experience.

His style also indicates a subtler and more sophisticated approach than we have seen in recent years, and that would be a welcome change as well.

Our position is that government should put the needs of its residential and business constituencies first and we think these are the people who will do that.

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