Club’s 34th Small Boat Tournament a success

Forty-five boats carrying approximately 225 anglers of all ages competed in the Ocean City Marlin Club’s 34th annual Small Boat Tournament, held June 22-23.

“It was absolutely fabulous,” said Bill Regan, tournament chairman. “We did not, unfortunately, see any marlin but we saw a fair amount of tuna, a nice dolphin was caught and a big blue fish. The tournament was very good and well attended.”

The competition was for boats 34 feet and smaller. All fish were weighed at Sunset Marina in West Ocean City. Regan said many families attended and fished together this year. More than $13,000 was paid out to tournament winners.


Tournament results:

n Flounder: First, 3.8 pounds, Fish Box; Second, 3.6 pounds, Fish Box; Third, 3.6 pounds, Kokomo, $247.50. Heaviest, Fish Box, $500 bonus. Also earning a cash award was Jezebel, $877.50.

n Sea Bass: First, 2.2 pounds, Jezebel, $258.75; Second, 2 pounds, Fish Box; Second, 2 pounds, Just Add Sauce, $258.75.

n Tog: First, 6.2 pounds, Just Add Sauce, $310.75; Second, 3.6 pounds, Jezebel, $207.25.


n Bluefish: First, 13.2 pounds, Myra HT, $247.50; Second, 12.2 pounds, Myra HT; Third, 11.6 pounds, Myra HT. Also earning a cash prize was Git-R-Done, $472.50.


Offshore Division:

n Tuna: First, 87.8 pounds, Empty Pockets, $945; Second, 67 pounds, Mm’ Mm’ Good, $5,967; Third, 58.4 pounds, A Salt Weapon II, $1,098. Heaviest. Empty Pockets, $500 bonus.

n Dolphin: First, 10.4 pounds, Joken, $1,800.


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