City finally approves Dew Tour dates

City finally approves Dew Tour dates

(April 11, 2014) After several weeks of delay earlier this year due to snow cancelling meetings, City Council has given final approval for the Dew Tour’s 2014 event permit on June 26-29.

Despite last year’s minor fracas over the Dew Tour’s desire to give away hot dog samples, the city appears to have eased up this year on concerns that food and other promotional giveaways inside the event grounds will cut into Boardwalk business.

“I know the people on the Boardwalk are grateful that you’re here and for the business you bring in,” said Councilwoman Margaret Pillas.

The extreme sports festival is expected to draw 18,000 spectators per day through its four-day run. The event grounds will occupy the beach between the inlet pier and North Division Street.

The city spends roughly $45,000 to facilitate the event, but gets an incalculable amount of business stimulus and media exposure via NBC, which broadcasts the event.

“Ocean City shows absolutely beautifully in their coverage,” said Mayor Rick Meehan.

However, the city again reminded the Dew Tour’s promoter, Alli Sports, to try to keep the headline entertainment in-keeping with the city’s “family values” image.

“I know we had some issues the first year, and if you’ll remember, I personally pulled them off the stage,” said Alli’s Chris Prybylo. “We cannot fully control them via their contracts, but we make them aware that they can be shut down at any time.”

Council Secretary Mary Knight noted that the concert stage typically faces the ocean, so as to not project onto the Boardwalk.

“It’s toward the ocean so that if anything does slip, people on the Boardwalk are less likely to hear it,” she said.

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