City Council out of touch

(7/12/13) Editor,

How very nice of our former city manager and current City Councilman Denis Dare to provide us with a basic civics lesson, thank you for the enlightenment. In his long career as City Manager, Mr. Dare was front and center and major author of our city operating budget along with the majority factions of the City Council we all know how well that worked out (seen your real estate tax notice yet?) The previous City Council attempted with some success to get a handle on employee salaries, number of employees, pension costs, interest on debt, etc. but were pillared by opponents including employee unions, chamber of commerce and the real estate interests for tightening the city’s fiscal belt.

Then at election time these same interest groups rolled out the money to finance a “change” which we now get to pay for as taxpayers. In the meantime the council majority determines policy issues like paid parking, in the midst of budget discussions rather than in a public hearing. When called on this tactic the majority claims that full discussion occurred (between council and staff) and now Mr. Dare assures us that the council directed the city manager to conduct  “a comprehensive parking study” (unfunded of course), and in the interim assures us “no additional paid parking will be added….unless it is justified and widely accepted”.

Note there is no reference to a public hearing, funding or dates for a study; just trust us and quit complaining seems to be the attitude espoused by the council majority. Well folks it is time for the resident taxpayers to say enough of this arrogance by the council majority, stop and listen for a change.

The people elected you but still like to be included in discussion on issues. Come down from your thrones occasionally, get practical and listen.

Joe Moran
Ocean City

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