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Business of the Week: Primo Hoagies

It’s not just a hoagie it’s a primo! If you’re looking for a delicious hoagie or wrap, then look no further than Primo Hoagies! Located at 132nd Street and Coastal Highway. Primo has a number of different 

options from healthy hoagies to their specialty hoagies that you’re sure to love.  Stop in and try the 
always-delicious Schwartzie made with Thumanns Corned Beef, Swiss cheese, Cole slaw and Russian dressing. Want something with a little more kick? Try the Italian Diablo made with hot sopressata, sharp provolone, Thumanns Capacola and a blend of spices. Or maybe you would like something under the healthy category, no worries Primo Hoagies has a variety of fresh healthy hoagies. Try the Tuna Delight made with White Tuna (Not Pre-Mixed) and Light Swiss cheese topped with roasted peppers.

Each amazing mouthwatering option is made to fresh to order and is available in 4 different sizes, Small, Primo, Whole and Wrap. There are also a wide variety of Party trays and sample platters available. These trays and platters are great for a social gathering, whether it’s an office party or a birthday party. Primo Hoagies has something for everyone!

Primo Hoagies originated in South Philadelphia, and over the past 15 years it has grown to multiple locations throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. Primo Hoagies has no sign of slowing down. Primo started off as a family operated corner deli, and has grown to what it is today. Primo in Italian means first, or the number one. In English, it’s used to define excellence and is associated with the nature of being superior. Primo has done a great job of backing up their name with their delicious fresh to order hoagies.
Be sure to stop into Primo Hoagies this week for a limited time offer! When you stop in and say “It’s not a Hoagie it’s a Primo!” you will receive $2.00 off a whole hoagie! Hurry in and be sure to take advantage of this great offer! You’re taste buds will thank you!

*For the menu please visit Primo Hoagies Menu Page

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