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Burley Oak Brewery Coming Soon to Berlin, MD!

Several years ago Brian Brushmiller began brewing beer like so many other home brewers around Delmarva. He had a dream to make great beer available to as many people as he could. However, Brian knew a few things that others didn’t and began his journey to bring Burley Oak Brewery to life. He launched his dream based on a stupendous product that many have been able to sample; and very soon everyone will share in that opportunity. He is a unique and very talented entrepreneur who was able to find a cooperage (essentially an old barrel facility), renovate it, and transform it into a micro brewing masterpiece located in Berlin Maryland; just outside Ocean City.

Old barrels used as a table

Brian has enlisted help from friends, family, and a few unique brewers along the way including Sam Calagione owner of Dogfish Head in the process of opening Burley Oak. The brewery will open its doors to the public in mid August with a full scale production facility, and a unique bar inside the brewery itself to offer a personal atmosphere from the brewers to the customer. One of Burley Oaks outstanding attributes is that it is a local brewery. They use hops and barley produced close to home in all of the beer they distribute; providing a truly unique flavor around Delmarva. Not only do they prove their locale in the ingredients of the product, but they also derived their name from the city of Berlin.

Brian has a very distinct knowledge of the brewing world. It is very apparent that he knows a bit more than the average guy when it comes to making a beer that is unparalleled compared to local competitors. He is a genuine approachable guy who loves what he does, and wants everyone to fall in love with not just his own product, but also the craft beer industry that has been booming nationwide since the late 70’s. 

With all of that being said, Burley Oak Brewery will surely be the next big hit of the small town of Berlin, MD. If you are nearby in August, it will be worth a short trip to the brewery to taste the perfected brews for yourself. Cheers!


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