Bucky Lasek: Maryland’s Skating Sensation

Bucky Lasek: Maryland’s Skating Sensation

Photo by Anthony Towey, OceanCity.com

No one was particularly surprised when Bucky Lasek took home the Skate Vert Dew Cup at the Dew Tour last year in Ocean City, MD.

The Baltimore native also took second place the previous day in the Skate Bowl and finished strong in several other events throughout the weekend. Appearing near the top of the podium is nothing new for a man who has taken eighteen X-Game medals, eight of them gold, and still is one of the favorites at any event he competes in, despite being older than much of the competition in what is typically a young man’s sport.

Bucky Lasek (real name Charles) began skateboarding when he was twelve years old in the Baltimore suburb of Dundalk, after his bicycle was stolen. Lasek quickly found his way to Chesapeake Ramp (affectionately known as ‘Hell Ramp’) and was soon competing in, and often winning, amateur contests in the area. His career really took off when he moved with his family to California in 1998. Shortly after, in 2000, he became the first skater ever to win gold in back-to-back years at the X-Games, a feat he repeated once again in 2003-2004.

Although best known as a skateboarder, Bucky Lasek is currently building a name for himself as a rallycross racer. Lasek began training at Miller Raceway in Utah after Ricky Moran, owner of Moran Raceway, saw him drive and encouraged him to pursue his dream. In 2009 Lasek began racing competitively in the MMRP Mustang Challenge Series and consistently placed in the top 2, despite his lack of experience. In the years following Lasek, has raced at many of the biggest tracks in the country including Sebring International, Daytona International, Homestead-Miami Speedway and others. In 2012 he joined the Puma-Subaru Global Rallycross Team and is working hard to make his racing skills on par with his skating skills.

Bucky Lasek has been featured on the covers of Dub Magazine and ESPN The Magazine, and inside a variety of others including Rolling Stone. He has appeared on The Today Show, Nickelodeon’s Slime Time Live, MTV Cribs and is a playable character in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game series. Despite all his accomplishments and accolades, however, Lasek considers being a husband and a father his greatest achievement.

Lasek currently lives in Encinitas, CA with his wife and three daughters, and his backyard is home the biggest private skate bowl in the entire world. When he isn’t being a family man, it is in that bowl that the legendary skater sharpens his skills and practices new tricks that help him keep up with- and, in many cases, ahead of- an increasing number of worthy challengers on the skating circuit.

One of the stops on the 2014 summer circuit will be the Dew Tour in Ocean City, June 25-29.  Bucky Lasek will once again be returning to Maryland to put his talents on display by the sea, so make sure to come out and support Maryland’s golden child of skateboarding and help cheer him on to another fabulous performance.

Can’t wait until the Dew Tour? Check out these shots of Bucky from previous Dew Tours and other events:

Bucky Lasek Race Car Driver. Photo by http://buckylasek81.com/
photo by Anthony Towey, OceanCity.com
Bucky Lasek Dew Tour Ocean City. Photo by http://buckylasek81.com/
Bucky Lasek Home Team Pride. Photo by http://buckylasek81.com/
photo by Anthony Towey, OceanCity.com

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