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Bryan Russo Premiers Music Video in OC

Last Tuesday, a large group of family, friends, and soon-to-be friends gathered around the bar at Fager’s Island in Ocean City. People waited anxiously, a director mingled, and a musician floated through the crowd shaking hands and welcoming his fans. Bryan Russo strummed his guitar at exactly 9:30 p.m. after saying, “I see lots of familiar faces from the shoot in the audience today”.



The Bryan Russo Trio played a few of their fan favorites including “Something like Forever” and “Lord Lord Lord” before pausing to make an announcement to the crowd. It was time. Time for Bryan Russo’s first-ever video premier.


The “Smokey Café” video was shot at the historic Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, MD on one of the first chilly nights this Spring. “The video turned out really nice and everyone was really excited about it,” says Director, Cameron Uhlig. Uhlig and Russo are college buddies and laughed about sharing beers and their old dreams of future endeavors. Their relationship was the perfect seed to both of their budding careers. A musician and director stood on stage together.


Russo is an acclaimed songwriter and performer who has made a name for himself by playing nonstop shows throughout the Ocean City and Mid-Atlantic area. For the past 6 years, Russo has been writing his own music, playing several instruments, and bouncing from bar to bar to belt out his soulful and original works.


That Tuesday night at Fager’s, Russo’s music video was welcomed, watched, and applauded by an easy-going group. A group of about 20 folks starred in the “Smokey Café” video. Most of these individuals were at Fager’s for the premier and most of them wanted see themselves on the big screen.


“We talked about making this video about 6 months ago. It’s great to actually see an idea finished,” said Uhlig before queuing the video. The crowd clapped, screamed, and smiled as they watched their friends appear on the screen, each staring in their own little roles. After watching the nearly 5 minute video Russo said, “So, what did you think?”


The response was overwhelmingly positive. Russo is surrounded with love wherever he plays. As an Ocean City local, he will always be welcomed warmly into our community because we all enjoy his unique talents. Bryan’s family, friends, and fans can wait for Uhlig and Russo to team up again for the next video. Russo has been working on a new record and hopes to create a music video for one of the songs he has recently put together.


Meet Bryan and his trio on your next visit to Ocean City or at your favorite restaurant or bar this Summer season.




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