Surfing on Delmarva

Many people visit our shores, so it’s no secret how wonderful the Atlantic Ocean is. In fact, the local beaches have won a number of awards over the years as some of the cleanest and most pristine. Everyone knows there are waves out there, but many overlook how good the waves can be here in Ocean City, Maryland and on the Delmarva Peninsula. What you may not know, or even believe, is that our waves can be world-class. The catch- it doesn’t happen as often as some other places around the world that are known for great wave riding sports. Pictured on this page are waves that show just how perfect it can get.


Being a wave rider here on Delmarva is ideal if you accept and understand the down times or what surfers call “flat periods” or “flat spells”. The area has actually produced two world renown wave riders in Jay Reale and myself. We both became two of the most famous bodyboarders in the world and both began right here in the waters off Delmarva. A lot of people have asked us how it is possible to accomplish such a feat coming from a place that has great waves, but not great waves all the time. The answer is pretty simple: if you can learn to do some of the advanced maneuvers the rest of the world’s best riders are doing in really small waves, it actually gets easier as the waves get bigger and better.


In addition, those “down times” or smaller wave periods are ideal for all those beginner and intermediate riders learning the sport. Just like most other things in life, surfing is a sport in which you really need to “walk before you can run”. You have to learn the RIGHT way. If you learn the RIGHT way, it can be amazing easy. That means a few things in learning to ride waves, but one of those is the fact that you need to start out in smaller surf before you are ready for the larger, heavier and stronger waves that we do in fact get right off our shores. What this also means for so many is that you are vacationing in a PERFECT place to learn how to surf.


Since the area is such a great place to get started, why not get out there and take a lesson. Surfing and all types of wave riding lessons are great because they can shave YEARS of trial and error off of the learning curve. If done the correctly, it is really fun sport and surprisingly easy! So what are you waiting for?


Take advantage of visiting one of the best places on the East Coast to start your wave riding dreams. It is just one small step away from being crossed off your bucket list.


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