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BrewsUp Brings First Brew on Premise Place to Delmarva

Cooking and culinary education have been the passions of Chef Tony Hilligoss for over 30 years, but ever since his wife bought him a ‘Mr. Beer’ home-brewing kit as a gift several years ago, he’s been almost as obsessed with making his own beer as he is about teaching students the ways of the kitchen.  That passion has grown feverishly over the last few years as the emerging local craft beer scene has expanded around Tony.  With new breweries and bottle shops popping up all over Delmarva, Tony became eager to tap into the movement for himself.  Looking for an opportunity that combined his love for teaching techniques and recipes with his love for great beer, Tony took a business concept found in other craft beer hot beds and made it his own.  The result is BrewsUp- the first brew on premise, home-brewing supply store east of the Chesapeake Bay.

BrewsUp, located behind Pitt Stop Beer & Wine on Route 113 in Berlin, gives customers the chance to be their own Brewmaster.  The process is simple. First, after deciding you’re tired of drinking watery light beer, tired of paying top dollar for good beer, or just want the challenge of making your own brew, the BrewsUp staff will walk you through the basics and let you sample different styles to decide which is right for your palette.  Once you’ve selected the style of suds you wish to master and pick out the appropriate ingredients, you then get a hands-on tutorial which covers brewing, sparging, and hopping the wort.  When your wort has reached the proper stage, you leave it in comfort of the sanitary tanks at BrewsUp to do its magic until the fermentation process is complete.  At this point (usually a few weeks later), you return to BrewsUp for a demonstration in bottling beer before taking your freshly made, bottled brew home to share with your family and friends.

BrewsUp Owner Tony Hilligoss doing a demonstration. photo credit: www.delawarebeaches.com

In addition to offering brew on premise options, BrewsUp is also a well-stocked supply store for home and small batch brewers.  BrewsUp gives customers the option of taking home an all-in-one kit, or select their ingredients individually for a completely custom brew.  It also features specialty grains, hops, and extract kits that attract brewers at Burley Oak, Tall Tales, and other area breweries who are experimenting with new styles or brewing batches for firkins.

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur more so than a beer drinker, don’t fret because BrewsUp also offers winemaking supplies, ingredients, and instruction as well.

BrewsUp is certainly a beer or winemaker’s paradise, but prime ingredients, detailed instruction, and the ability to brew on premise are not all you will find there.  BrewsUp is also stocked with everything you need for a complete home-brewing operation, including kegs, bottles, taps, CO2 tanks, aged barrels, or any other supplies you could need or want.

But it gets even better.  Not only does BrewsUp have all these great ingredients and amazing equipment, but also a knowledgeable staff that will teach you how to make delicious beer and wine. For free.  Currently, BrewsUp hosts free winemaking classes each Wednesday and free beer brewing classes each Saturday, giving you absolutely no excuse not to experience it for yourself.

For more information on the store’s supplies or services, to reserve your seat at the next free class, or to schedule a private session for your next company party or group gathering, visit www.brewsup.net.

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