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Berlin’s Second Friday Art Stroll this week — a primer for the Holiday Arts Night

This Friday is the second Friday in November, which means it’s time to get your art stroll on from 5 until 8 p.m.

Now, this isn’t to be confused with the Holiday Arts night, which will be held on Black Friday, will entail the shutting of streets and will see the entire town lit up from end to end and people grinning from ear to ear. It’s the holidays, and those people couldn’t help it even if they had tried.

And we’re not the ones to dampen their spirits however we will work those selfsame people into an appropriate holiday froth when the time comes. That time is not now! This is the time for the second Friday Arts Stroll, a smaller, toned down version of the Holiday Arts night coming in two weeks.
For starters the Arts Stroll will not have any streets shut down so minding local traffic laws, while always a good idea, is doubly imperative at this event. Once you have successfully navigated not being run over by traffic one is ready for successfully navigating the streets of downtown Berlin.
Alphabetically, the events taking place include Flowers by Alison’s Alison plus photos by Elaine Bean. The Bayside Gazette features photographer Mark Huey and Bungalow Love will have new bags by Kiki Burleigh.
The Berlin Coffee House will have music by Frankie Moran and the Berlin Visitors Center Art Studio features Jim Adcock, Amy Wood and Kathy Sadler. Downtown Video will feature works by Joanna and The Globe is featuring a new of Patrick Henry’s works. Finally, our information runs out at the Worcester County Arts Council’s co-op featuring a number of local artists.
Wandering around downtown Berlin is a great time and really should be undertaken more often. Any chance you get, really. Moreso when they have things going on, like a number of artists living and working within the area showcasing their creations. The businesses will stay open late, the fall air will be crisp and thrilling and your friends and neighbors will also be wandering around downtown because it’s a fun thing to do.
So this Arts Stroll may not be the giant event that the Holiday Arts Night is, but it was never meant to be. Plus, it’s a chance for a more intimate and meaningful exchange between you and the local artists you love. In a few weeks the same artists plus many more surrounded by dozens more people who love them is not the most conducive environment to the meaningful exchange of ideas between people. Add in the Christmas tree lighting and you have a fun time, certainly, but you also have a hard time getting in a word edgewise.
So get a dry run in before the town takes on a life of its own in a couple of weeks. Your favorite local shops will be open and your favorite local artists will be putting on a show. It’s yours for the taking.  

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