Beer, wine sales coming soon if Snow Hill store renovated

Beer, wine sales coming soon if Snow Hill store renovated

(Nov. 29, 2013) Residents without transportation in the area of the southern end of Market Street in Snow Hill will no longer have to walk to the other end of town to buy beer and wine if the new tenants of the Kaddy Mart spruce up the store as promised last Tuesday.

“We want to see improvements before we hand you a license,” William E. Esham Jr., chairman of the Board of License Commissioners, told Nazish Ali and Muhammad Waseem of Federalsburg.

During the Oct. 16 hearing, Zahid Shah, Ali’s uncle, said Ali and Waseem planned to make improvements to the business, located at 426 W. Market St. Shah spoke to the board because his English is more fluent that Ali’s and Waseem’s. Shah, who lives in New York, is financing the improvements.

The board asked for those plans to be presented during the November meeting.

During that meeting last Wednesday, attorney Brian Pete Cosby presented the board with photos, computer printout and invoices to show that Ali and Waseem plan to install new gas pumps, new shelving, new paint and a new cooling system. They have already starting installed new tiles and plan to have blacktop on the parking lot. They will also install searchlights outside and install new signage.

Some residents said the license is needed so people would not have to walk through town to reach a store on the other end of Market Street to purchase beer or wine.

One nearby resident, Mark Nixon, however, was concerned about the hours that alcohol would be sold because he did not want to be bothered my noise from the store’s customers. He asked that alcohol sales cease at 10 p.m.

“I’d like to be able to sleep at night,” Nixon said.

Cosby agreed that sales would cease as Nixon requested. He said there is a need for the alcoholic beverage license in that area.

“There’s a public need to bring the neighborhood back up,” Cosby said.

The board’s investigator will inspect the Kaddy Mart to ensure the promised improvements are made. When that work is verified, the board will issue the requested beer and wine license.

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