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Barter Fair at Zenna Wellness Studio

(Dec. 5, 2014) Grateful Living Homestead and Zenna Wellness Studio are hosting Berlin’s first Barter Fair on Friday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m.

“We are helping other people get away from commercialism,” said Monika Lilley, of Grateful Living Homestead, located on Logtown Road in Berlin.

“The fair will be a great asset for all of us, and great for the public to buy locally homemade gifts,” said Chrissy Ehrhart, owner of Zenna Wellness Studio in Berlin. The fair will take place at her studio. “It’s going to boost festive cheer that’s already in Berlin.”

The fair allows for local artisans, retailers, bakers and crafters to showcase their wares. Those in the service industries can bring gift certificates to barter and trade with others in the community.

Those who do crafts as a hobby, including jewelry and crochet, are encouraged to display their creations, Lilley said.

Grateful Living Homestead will present a variety of handmade items including soaps, salves, an ointment used to promote healing of the skin; yarn and buttons.

The Good Farm will offer special varieties of organic potatoes, garlic and seeds.

Grateful Shreads, Garments and Threads will be trading 100 percent, recycled, wearable art clothing.

Mon Reve Farm will bring hand-painted gifts and herb blends.

Lilley asks vendors with large items to call and reserve a table.

The event is free to attend and participate, but donations for Zenna Wellness Studio are encouraged.

Participants may also use cash as a form of bartering.

For more vendor and fair information, contact Lilley at 443-373-3115 or email gratefullivinghomestead@gmail.com.

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