Baby boomers hit dance floor at Harpoon Hanna’s

Baby boomers hit dance floor at Harpoon Hanna’s

Irish Kemp

(Sept. 19, 2014) Adages is what it’s all about these days. OK! OK!

With the elections coming up and two of my kids running in different states, I might have to resort to taking the fifth and running with it. H’mmm! No problem there. I  can’t even find it. I know my dad would say he saw it walking down the street. Yeah, parents would say the weirdest things in the olden days.

With the elections coming up, am I asking what I could do for the government? No way Jose. I’m really concentrating on acquiring patience. My problem with the good Lord? I want it right now.

These old Irish eyes ain’t what they used to be, but at Harpoon Hanna’s 2-5 p.m. happy hour last week, quite a few baby boomers hit that dance floor. Musician, almost live Bob Burns, kept them up there dancing away to the tunes of their times. Maybe they realized that Bob’s vast repertoire (that’s good Bob) includes 40’s to 90’s music. Trust me. Ask and you shall receive.

My generation of locals have been dancing to the tunes at happy hour for almost 25 years. Also doing a great job of entertaining weekends, musician Bob Hughes, 8 p.m. to midnight at JR’s on 130 Street and Coastal Highway. Keep in mind, most local dine and dance places cater to the 30 and under crowd.

Exercise is what it’s all about these days. Use it or lose it.

Prancing, dancing, chancing or just out meandering around town I found Jack Whitmer, Del Leutner, Joe Trilling and Millie, John and Alma Vittek, Dubby Eby, Joan DeMarco,Vince and Nadine, Ryan and Louisa McCabe.

Every once in a while I remind my readers that OC’s special events, albeit a birthday, anniversary or whatever calls for 30 days of celebration. Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.

You’ll no doubt cross paths with birthday kids Jack Watson, Ron Burns, Mary Pantos, Cal Hook, Jeanne Noble,  John Sweet, Fran Nickels, Mike Yates, Peg Burnett, Jack Funk or Jim Mathias. I know a gift that you could give Jim that wouldn’t cost you a cent.

How lucky Delmarvians are to be in the right place at the right time. Also out there celebrating mega anniversaries, my son PJ and his bride, Melissa and on the same date, our neighbors, Joe and Jane Mulholland will be celebrating 66 years of wedded bliss. The Mulhollands spent a tremendous amount of time volunteering for the good of the community over the years. Congratulate ‘em.

Richard and Pat Cooke are one year beyond the golden one. Keep all these folks in your prayers .

Ok kids, this old broad is not getting any younger. When you talk to me and I space out, if you want your good news to make the paper, write it down. Along with names and places, of course.

Want to go to Harrington slots on Tuesday, Sept. 30 on Blonde’s Express? Call Wayne Straight at 302-988-1683.  The $20 cost includes lunch buffet and $10 free play. Bus departs at 10 a.m. from St. Lukes parking lot on 100th Street.

Don’t put off til’ tomorrow what you could do today.


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