Attorney Cropper’s statement on behalf of  Mike Ramadan

Attorney Cropper’s statement on behalf of Mike Ramadan

“I, Mark Spencer Cropper, Esq., represent Mohammad (“Mike”) S. Ramadan. On May 31, 2013 at approximately 11:00 a.m., I spoke with Peri Kadanoff (D. Giansante), Deputy Attorney General  – Organized Crime Task Force at New York State Attorney General’s Office, and she confirmed to me that Mohammad (“Mike”) Ramadan, the youngest brother of Basel and Samir Ramadan, has never been, is not now, now is it expected that in the future he will be suspected of being involved, or in any way implicated in the crimes for which Basel and Samir have been charged and arrested as related to the alleged cigarette smuggling scheme.

“As such, the businesses owned and operated by Mohammad (“Mike”) Salah Ramadan, including but not limited to 6 Dairy Queens and 114th Street Beer & Wine, Inc. t/a Gold Coast Beer & Wine, never should have been and should never again be identified or referenced in any newspaper article or other media report associated with or pertaining to the alleged wrongdoing of Samir and Basel Ramadan.

“As for the various businesses referenced in those same articles, the only issue of concern to the prosecutors is the extent to which, if at all, any funds from the alleged cigarette smuggling operation were deposited into any bank accounts regarding those businesses by Samir and/or Basel. At this time, there is no reason to believe that any such activity is occurring.”

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