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Artists, starving or otherwise, plus a little something for the brides

With Halloween safely behind us (as in today) Thanksgiving up ahead of course it’s clearly time to begin decorating for Christmas. Personally, I’m a little odd in that I don’t really begin decorating until Christmas Eve and then leave them up until, and let’s be generous now, Labor Day.
But recognizing I’m in the minority and not especially judgmental about Christmas decorations of all things, I’m pretty cool with whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it.
The spirit of the holiday spirit generally means people not going hungry, and in the spirit of that spirit we should let you know about the Starving Artists Dinner and Reception thrown with the usual grace of the OC Art League. Homemade soups salads and desserts will be available for a donation, but also available will be multiple works of art from local artists doing their best not to starve. Since it’s the holidays and all, we might as well pitch in and help them out.
The OC Convention center is playing host to twin events – the Fall Fest of Fine Art and the Christmas Craft Expo. The former is a juried art show featuring fine art painters, sculptors and high craft artisans. The latter is a themed event and will be offering goods related to that theme pretty strictly. Both shows are at the Ocean City Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday, and it costs $5 in joint admission for adults. Students between 13-17 years of age get a buck off, and kids under 12 are free with an adult admission. Member of AARP also get a $1 discount on admission.
This is the 15th year for the twin conventions, which draw around 6,000 participants and guests annually. Along with any of the other surprises in store, there is the chance of a planned surprise in the form of a raffle for a grand prize of a $300 shopping spree at Donald’s Duck Shoppe uptown in Ocean City.
On Sunday at the Courtyard Marriott will play host to the Fall Bridal Show. Admission is $7.50 online and $10 at the door. I’m sure nearly everything a prospective bride might require (besides perhaps a bridegroom) will be made available for browsing and purchase. It seems like a perfect place to get some ideas, if little else. While you’re there check out the Captain’s Table restaurant inside the Marriott for a bite to eat.


No matter when you begin to celebrate it’s plain to see events and activities along that theme are beginning to take shape. Forcing anyone into that state of mind isn’t really the goal; it’s a gentle push in the way people ought to generally act for the entire year. It seems to happen earlier each year, but in all actuality it’s probably about the same every year. As with so many other events in Ocean City, it’s usually best to grab on and let the tide decide the direction. 

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