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Anglers reel in variety of fish during tourney

(June 27, 2014) Forty-nine boats carrying approximately 245 anglers of all ages competed in the Ocean City Marlin Club’s 35th annual Small Boat Tournament last weekend.

The competition was for boats 34 feet long and smaller. All fish were weighed at Sunset Marina in West Ocean City. A total of $17,290 was paid out to tournament winners.

“It was fabulous. We had a really nice turnout,” said Bill Regan, tournament co-director. “A fair amount of fish were weighed…I don’t think it could have gone any better. It was a great tournament.”

There was a good mix of participants, from young children to adults.

“Some people that fish now, started fishing this tournament when they were kids,” Regan said. “Some of them have been fishing this tournament 15-20 years straight. That’s really cool.”

Awards were presented Sunday, during an Eastern Shore-style crab feast at the Marlin Club.

Tournament results:

•Flounder: First, 6.2 pounds, Oasis, $500 heaviest flounder bonus; Second, 4.8 pounds, Jus A Breez; Third, 4.2 pounds, Seacraft 23; others: Oasis, 3.8 and 3.4 pounds; Hookem N Cookem, 3.4 pounds, $810, 2.6 pounds; Fish Man, 3.2 pounds; Trophy, 3.2 pounds; Jus A Breez, 3 and 2.6 pounds; Our Compromise, 2.4 pounds; It Iz What It Iz, 2.2 pounds, $45, two 2 pounders; Reel Estate, 2.2 pounds; Gretchen Ann, two 2 pounders, 1.4 pounds; Seacraft 23, 2 and 1.4 pounds;

•Sea Bass: First, 2.6 pounds, Just Add Sauce, $409.50; Second, 2.4 pounds, Jezebel, $805.50; Third, two 2.2 pounders, Just Add Sauce; others: Jezebel, two 1.6 pounders; Seacraft 23, 1.4 pounds; Slaughterhouse, two 1.4 pounders, 1 pound; Trophy, 1.4 and 1.2 pounds.

•Tog: First, 3.4 pounds, Jezebel, $1,125; Second, 2.4 pounds, Myra HT, $90.

•Bluefish: First, 8.6 pounds, Myra HT, $225; Second, 8.2 pounds, Myra HT; Third, 8 pounds, Myra HT.

•Yellowfin Tuna: First, 64.8 pounds, Seaduction, $495 (plus $500 heaviest tuna bonus); Second, two 59.8 pounders, Tied Up, $4,725; Third, 46.4 pounds, Tide Up; others: Oppor-Tuna-Ty, 43.2, 40.8 and 27.4 pounds; Sea-N-Red, 41 pounds.

“Some nice tuna were weighed,” Regan said.

•Dolphin: First, 18.4 pounds, Odd Couple, $3,330; Second, 14 pounds, Brenda Lou, $1,035; Third, 12.2 pounds, Family Tree, $657; others: My Cin, 10.6 and 8.6 pounds; Odd Couple, 10.6 pounds;

But Honey, 7.8 pounds.

•Billfish release: First, 200 points, Tide Up, $2,340; Second, 100 points, CO2.

For information about upcoming Ocean City Marlin Club tournaments, call 410-213-1613 or visit www.ocmarlinclub.com.

Jezebel anglers hooked some sea bass and tog during the Ocean City Marlin Club’s 35th annual Small Boat Tournament last weekend.
Gretchen Ann anglers hold the flounder they caught during the Ocean City Marlin Club’s 35th annual Small Boat Tournament last weekend.
Lisa Capitelli, Ocean City Today
Managing Editor Lisa Capitelli, a New York native, entered Salisbury University (then Salisbury State) in the fall of 1998 and graduated in the spring of 2002 with a Bachelors of Arts degree. She majored in communication arts, and minored in art, with concentration on photography. Lisa began her career at Ocean City Today as a staff writer in February 2003. She was promoted to Assistant Editor in August 2011 and Managing Editor in May, 2013. Editorial responsibilities include covering sports — from local high school games, to fishing tournaments and recreation and park programs, the business community and weekly happenings, events and activities.

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