10 things you should probably have done if you visited Ocean City, Md in 2015:

10 things you should probably have done if you visited Ocean City, Md in 2015:


It’s an interesting fact that many people who visit Ocean City on an annual basis haven’t seen some of the best places the resort has to offer, so here is an incomplete list of places you should definitely visit, and things you should absolutely experience.

It’s quiet at the Inlet, Ocean City Md
An almost deserted winter beach, Ocean City Md

Visit during the off season. If all you know of Ocean City is summertime, you are missing an altogether different view of Ocean City. Visit off season, where you can have the Boards and beach almost to yourself. Not all the restaurants  are open, but those that are will have no hour long wait for a table, and they may have really good specials on offer! Hotels also have prices at a greatly reduced rate compared to their summer rates.

Assawoman Bay Brewing, one of many fine craft beer breweries in and around Ocean City Md

Try the Shore Craft Beer Challenge. This is best done during the off season, when hotel rooms are cheaper, and lines are non-existent. Take advantage of the great selection of craft breweries in our area, and visit each one to sample their unique beers and also win prizes!

The stunning Northside Park, Ocean City Md

Visit Northside Park, on 125th Street in North Ocean City,no matter what season you are here. It really is a beautiful place whether you have children who want to play in the playground, or you want to jog around the many paths. You may want to try your hand at fishing from the pier, or just sit and enjoy the pond, flowers, ducks and peacefulness. This is also the park that is home to the Winterfest of Lights in December, Arts Alive in June, and Sundaes in the Park through out the summer.

Walking across the Route 50 Bridge, Ocean City Md

Use the Park and Ride in West Ocean City and WALK across the Route 50 Bridge, instead of taking the bus. It’s a great walk, with fantastic views that go by just too quickly when you are in the car or on a bus. And there is the thrill of crossing the draw bridge which freaks my kids out each and every time!

Stunning sunrise over the beach in Ocean City Md

Get up early to watch the sunrise over the ocean. This is a spectacular thing to do, no matter what time of year you visit. If you are lucky enough to stay in an ocean front hotel or condo, you can watch it from your room. But anyone can grab an early morning coffee and make their way to the beach to sit and admire this daily miracle.

Find your spot to watch the sunset!  From Northside Park, or from a bay front restaurant, there are a million places to watch it from, but take the time to be still while you watch it. It goes down fast when you pay attention.

view from the top of Fenwick Inn, Ocean City Md

Get up high!  The view is well worth it.  You can ride the Roller Coaster and catch a quick glimpse, or for something a little less extreme, admire the view from the Ferris Wheel. Or find a hotel with a restaurant on the top floor, and go sit there to take in the view. It really is an amazing thin little strip of land that 300,000 people fit onto during the summer months.

one of the many idyllic homes in Ocean City Md

Take a walk around some of the more residential areas of Ocean City. No matter where you are staying, this is easy to do, they are mostly located on the Bay side. But the further north you get, the more residential areas there are, so get yourself an ice cream, a walking companion, and take a walk on the bayside!

Pay a visit to America’s Coolest Small Town, Berlin, Md. It’s just a hop skip and a jump from Ocean City, but a world away in character. Take a stroll down Main Street and visit the unique gift shops, antique shops, small bars, restaurants and coffee shops, and learn the history of the town. It’s like stepping back in time…..

A wet and windy day at the Inlet

How many times have you planned on coming down for a visit, only to hear they are calling for rain the whole weekend, so you change your plans? Don’t! Visit us during a rainy, windy weekend, find a seat in a restaurant with a view of the Bay or ocean, and watch Mother Nature at work. Take your kids out in the rain to splash through the huge puddles that always form throughout the resort and just have fun in the rain!

Sunset view of Ocean City from the Atlantic Ocean.

Have you ever looked at the beach from the Ocean? It takes on a whole different image when viewed from afar. If you have never gone for a boat ride around the Bay or up the coast of Ocean City, this is a sight you need to see! It can be an hour long ride, or a day long ride, it can be on a fast speed boat, or on a slow sail boat, it can be for sightseeing or fishing, with friends or strangers. Have dinner at the Angler then let them take you on an after dinner cruise up the coast. You might even share the experience with the dolphins!

So there you are, an incomplete list of things you really should have done on your 2015 visit to Ocean City. Did you do them all? If not, what are you waiting for? Get out and explore Ocean City Md in 2016. Click here to start planning your trip to the town you are lucky enough to call your vacation spot!1617






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  1. Bonnie Speck

    This is my favorite place on earth. Been visiting here since the 80’s!!

  2. Jane Kohler

    Been to many places,and have traveled to many beaches, but there isnt anything like Ocean City, i feel that is ny second home.

  3. Susan Van Duyne

    I read this with amusement. I grew up 30 miles from OC and spent much time there summer and winter. My daughter learned to surf at Assateague with Michelle Somers. She is now at Uni at St Andrews, Fife. Small world!

    • Anne

      St Andrews is a beautiful town, I regularly went on vacation there as a child. It has a great beach too, maybe she will be able to surf while there! I hope you get to visit her.


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