Police beat Aug. 2, 2013

Police beat Aug. 2, 2013

Machete in car

A 20-year-old Kearneysville, W. Va., man was charged July 26 with having a concealed deadly weapon after Ocean City police found a machete in a car.

A police officer had stopped Tyler Walker Jenkins and two friends at North Division Street and Philadelphia Avenue because they did not cross the avenue in the crosswalk. After informing them of the pedestrian violation, he asked for identification. Walker said his identification was in a car.

Another officer found the car in the Park and Ride facility in West Ocean City. Looking through one of the car’s windows, the officer could see the handle of a machete.

Jenkins said he had lied about not having his identification because it was in his backpack, which also contained marijuana.

A search of the vehicle revealed more marijuana, four marijuana cigars, a grinder and an electronic scale, which one of Jenkins’ friends said he had because he did not want to get ripped off when buying weed, according to the charging document.

Police charged all three men with possession of a concealed dangerous weapon, but the District Court Commission found probable cause for that charge against only Jenkins and not the other two.

Police also charged all three men with possession of marijuana, but the court commissioner found no probable cause to detain any of them on that charge.


Case pending

The owner of Beached Paws Pet Services, featured in last week’s edition of Ocean City Today, has a criminal case pending in Worcester County District Court.

Ferrell Santacroce of the self-run business is charged with credit card theft, two counts of charging less than $100 on another person’s credit card and a theft scheme of less than $1,000, all on July 6, according to Maryland court records.

A summons was issued on July 15 and served on July 17, the records show.

Personnel at the district courthouse in Snow Hill verified that Santacroce is scheduled to attend a preliminary inquire on Aug. 9, when the court will decide if sufficient evidence exists to take her to trial.


Intent to distribute

After stopping a vehicle for speeding on Route 13 in the area of Old Virginia Road on July 25, a deputy with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office determined the driver, Marquise Obryan Drummond, 27, of Gargatha, Va, was wanted by the Salisbury Police Department and had a suspended Virginia driver’s license.

After arresting Drummond, the deputy found a plastic bag containing cocaine, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Drummond was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of paraphernalia and possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute it.


Argument disturbs   hotel guests

Kept awake for hours by sounds of a loud argument, a guest at a downtown hotel called police, who responded and arrested a 20-year-old Hagerstown woman on a charge of second-degree assault.

The guest also saw the woman strike a man. She told police she saw the woman punch the man several times in the face and body and that the man did not strike back. The guest also said she heard and saw a plastic porch chair thrown at the window of her room.

Police talked to the man, who said he was fine, but his cheek was swollen and a bruise was forming.

The woman who was arrested, Bianca Aurelia Mills, 20, of Hagerstown said the argument had started on the Boardwalk. Police received the report of the disturbance at about 5:21 a.m.


Handgun in vehicle

A 23-year-old Leola, Pa., man was charged July 26 with having a handgun in his vehicle after an Ocean City police officer retrieved it from his backpack.

According to the charging document, the police officer talked to Steven Michael Neal about the contents of his vehicle, which was near 31st Street. In response, Neal reportedly said he had a handgun.

He also said he should not have brought the gun to Maryland.


Waiting for ICE

A 39-year-old Alexandria, Va., man was being held in the Worcester County Jail on July 28 pending a disposition with Immigration and Custom Enforcement.

Carlos A. Lopez-Rivera had reportedly been driving 71 miles per hour in the 55-mile per hour zone on Route 90. A deputy stopped his vehicle and arrested him because he was driving without a license.

He was taken before a District Court commissioner who released him on his personal recognizance, but Immigration and Custom Enforcement placed a detainer on him for failing to appear for a deportation hearing.


Alleged assault

A deputy with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office charged James Robert Main, 37, of West Ocean City with second-degree assault July 27.

The deputy had been dispatched to the area because of a report of an assault. The victim said Main had assaulted her.

Main was taken before a District Court commissioner who released him on $25,000 bond.


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  1. Ferrell

    When these crime reports are published and then they are taken out of context and used to harm the person listed as having allegedly committed a crime – it causes more harm to the community than help them. Remember innocent to proven guilty? A shame that there are too many people that are willing to believe what they think are “facts”.

    • stephen miller

      Here’s a fact ….I’m your son ,you used to beat me as well as many other countless inflictions and torments..remember me ? The little kid who reminded you so much of his father u couldn’t even use my birth given name while telling me how worthless I was…I’m the child you neglected while pursuing countless men and drugs ..I’m the one you wouldn’t feed as punishment the one u kept around for a wellfair check and a punching bag

  2. Anonymous

    All of you that are giving money to a scam artist running Beached Paws and associating with Ferrell. A sociopath. I feel for you all who believe Ferrell’s psychotic dealings. You have been duped by her lies and games just like everyone else in her path. Why don’t you look up her Maryland court records online? Then you will see the person she is. Oh but you may need a few of the multiple last names she uses to get a full scope on her actual record,….Miller, Santacroce, Woods, Campbell, Beachler (oh and by the way this is also a woman who obtained the last name Beachler, by marrying her OWN UNCLE!!!!)…etc. Oh and you may want to check DE, VA, NY, and OH court records as well. And she is called an advocate for children, animals, and the elderly? You mean like her elderly mother who throughout the years has stolen from, manipulated, and emotionally/mentally abused? Or how about the three Shelties she left to rot and die alone for weeks while she went on a drug binge? Or even better, how about the two children she beat and abused in every fashion for 11 years. I bet you all (all of her “closest” friends) didn’t even know she has two very grown children huh? She has a 32 year old daughter and a 29 year old son who have NOTHING to do with her because she is the devil incarnate. All of you taking her side and commending her on her “awesome” representation in the animal rescue world, may need to take a step back and look, truly look at the monster you are letting show face for your organizations and causes. Do you think any one of those senators are going to take a career criminal, convicted felon, incest committee, abuser, pathological liar, etc. seriously once they find out who she really is??? Please for the love of animals, stop letting this woman speak on your behalf. This isn’t a bashing session. There are just some of us out here who refuse to let this evil continue to harm people and animals, and you all need to be aware of the truly horrifying sociopath you are dealing with and letting be your voice on such important matters.

    Innocent until proven guilty? Again, look at this woman’s wrap sheet and see what she HAS been convicted of. That in itself should be proof enough. She escapes the long arm of the law because big money pays for no jail time, it’s no secret. Whether she is conning her own mother out of the money to pay for all these court situations, or stealing it from her as she is known to do (yes her own mother), or using honest hard working caring people’s money who donated, she keeps getting off. Well the law of averages will eventually weigh in society’s favor and get this monster off of the streets. Until that day, all of you on the Eastern Shore, please steer clear of her.

    • Ferrell

      I don’t hide behind an “Anonymous” name. This is a very interesting tale you tell “Anonymous”. I do believe you’re a mentally unstable person that is ticked off because you’re not getting your way in your attempts to discredit me. You have no proof of any of your statements. Know why? Because they are lies. Nice try …

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps people remain anonymous due to your mental instability. Because you have proven in the past to be violent. What are lies? You do have two grown children who want nothing to do with you due to the abuse the endured at your hands as children. You did marry your uncle. And your criminal/court record reads at lengths comparable to War and Peace and Gone With The Wind. Those are facts anyone can look up if they know how to Google.

        • Ferrell

          You need to check your own FACTS again. This looks absolutely nuts on your part. Comparable to War and Peace and Gone With The WInd? LOL Hardly. Have a nice day. LOL

  3. stephen miller

    They are both very long books such as her criminal record great comparison anonymous they are both classics unlike ms Campbell or what ever name your using these days ..I had heard about her marrying the uncle I couldn’t be leave it either but its true…sadly I cameout of this person …lucky for me god blessed me with momma Lee who had enough love and patience in her heart to undue the horrible things you instilled in me but I am a better man for having known you Ferrell you showed me how not to treat people and showed me so much hate and anguish that I have no choice but love the world around me to undue the negativity that you bestow upon it …I hope one day you can learn to be happy in this world without hurting the people around you ..I don’t reallyknow if you ever really were a good person I can only attest to the first nine painful years of my life you abused me and the years of therapy and distrust for women that followed ..but I’m over all that now I be leave ive finnally know how to love something other then my self for many years you took that from me and that’s what really sucks the most I got thick skin I can take an ass whooping you thought me that but love like the love a mother is supposed to have for a child

  4. stephen miller

    That’s the one thing I was missing all those years …my apologise to all other then Ferrell who have to read this I do understand this isn’t the right forum but damn that felt good man hell I needed that

  5. stephen miller

    You guys really wouldn’t post my comments ….lame …well anyone who would care to know the truth about Ferrell please post your contact info I’d be glad to share the years of abuse I suffered at the hands of this woman

  6. Teresa Miller

    Well said little brother. Very well said. I love you kid.


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