Treating addiction as disease

By: OCsue on April 18th, 2014


In this week’s Ocean City Today, we urge you to read the article entitled “High school to heroin,” and written by Stewart Dobson and Clara Vaughn. It is a story about one family’s gut-wrenching struggle with a son’s heroin addiction.

Usually stories such as these involve pseudonyms and removing any association that might identify the subjects. Kevin Bresnahan and Jackie Ball and their son Wes took a vitally courageous step allowing us all to know that this was their family.

And why shouldn’t they have? A hard-working family with strong ideals, the couple didn’t raise…

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Save? Yes, but include saving lives

By: OCsue on April 11th, 2014


Budget hearings at City Hall this past week became so misguided as to be almost farcical, which would be amusing if the well-being of the city’s employees, residents and visitors were not dependent on them.

Out of the plethora of expenses and revenues presented by city staff for council review, the one that caught Councilman Joe Mitrecic’s eye was the $8,800 spent by the Ocean City Beach Patrol on the salary of its public relations coordinator, Kristin Joson.

As Mitrecic explained, he found it unnecessary for the Beach Patrol to have its own PR person, and favored moving all public…

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Applauding Teacher of The Year

By: OCsue on April 4th, 2014



Our congratulations go to Brenna Johnson, Worcester County’s Teacher of the Year, who received the honor here in Ocean City last Friday at the Clarion Resort Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom.

Johnson, who teaches chorus and drama at Stephen Decatur Middle School was one 14 candidates each named “Teacher of the Year” at their respective Worcester County Public School. She is going to go on to represent the county competing among the state’s 23 other school districts.

We agree with what Worcester County Commissioners President Bud Church said  that “many people move…

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Maybe it’s time resort gets ‘viral’

By: OCsue on March 28th, 2014


Using a vacation days for a doctor’s appointment, or worse yet to take your mother-in-law to her doctor’s appointment?

Or is one vacation day being used to shred 10 years of unopened “We’ve already got you pre-qualified!” credit card offers? Or it’s finally time to get the mechanic to figure out why your “check engine” light won’t stop blinking  yellow signals, triggering your migraines.

Ocean City is looking for you. MGH Advertising President Andy Malis, the city’s contracted marketing agent, said the resort’s biggest competitor is people simply not…

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Good move by school’s Dr. Wilson

By: OCsue on March 21st, 2014


Sometime earlier this winter, we started seeing news articles and hearing reports that the snow we’d been experiencing might threaten to extend the school year into the summer.

That was in January.

Spring started yesterday, March 20. Yet last Sunday night into Monday, a snowstorm caused dangerous travel even along main thoroughfares in Worcester County, dangerous enough to close schools for the ninth day.

So here we are on the cusp of spring, and snow is an unlikely part of our conversation.

On Tuesday, with the recommendation from the Superintendent of Schools, the County School…

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