Being an Ocean City local is a badge of honor that many aspire for, yet only a few thousand ever achieve. Ocean City locals get to spend all year at the beach, not just a week or two in the summer, and as a result, are in search of much different experiences than our millions of annual tourists.

As an Ocean City local, the odds of you needing hotel bookings and some of the other vacation planning resources we have on our site are pretty slim, so we created this section to give you streamlined access to the stuff you care about without getting bogged down by a bunch of information locals already know.

Whether you want to stay in the know about all things Ocean City, save money at your favorite places in town, or plan for an upcoming event, you’ll find all the stuff locals want below, including news, coupons to restaurants/bars, discounted gift certificates, upcoming events, info on beach weddings, the Performing Arts Center, healthcare and more.

Links for Locals

Ocean City Forum  (More)

Stayed at Ocean1 last year... this year staying at Tideland Caribbean

Ocean 1 experience was pretty standard, we stayed 3 nights and it was our first visit to Ocean city. We were pretty much excited about everything on that trip, since everything was pretty much new. Boardwalk was nice, food was good. I specially enjoyed the cheese fries and Italian ice (not Italian). There was this one place that had...

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Fairfield Inn and Suites

We spent this weekend at the Fairfield Inn and Suites on 25th St. and Coastal Highway, on the bay side. A newer (maybe the newest ) hotel in OC. We really enjoyed it. Pros: Fantastic staff, very modern, clean clean clean, large bathrooms, quiet, and fabulous QUIET air conditioning. Cons: We were 416 and our door didn't lock unless you were...

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Days Inn on 23rd St

Prices seem high

I was being nosey and checking into the prices of hotels/motels in OC...WOW..seem quite expensive..>Thankfully we have our own condo....Anyone else notice the prices seem to have jumped up?

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Quality Inn 33rd st.

I don't do a lot of hotel reviews, but I'll probably make an effort to change this in the future... This hotel, like most OC properties has it's ups & downs. In the plus column - this property has a great beachfront location, you're only 5 blocks to the north end of the boardwalk, it's normally a quieter part of town, you're a short walk to Jolly...

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