Independence Day

Yet again it has been another day missed in my blog, and I have been spread oh-so thin…
The first [i]Thirsty Thursday[/i] at [b]The Pirate’s Den[/b] went off without a hitch, but only after a slow start. That start, as well as the start to this weekend of mayhem we call July 4th, were slow in coming. Before I knew it my street was full of vehicles born east by beach-ward sun-lovers, and the bays were full of vessels. All are vying for the best real estate for the fireworks displays, provided by Ocean City, and of course free! The cheapest way to take part in the festivities is simple. For one driving into town on the day of the fourth is inadvisable. If you are stuck with it you may as well count on burning lots of gas stuck in some unfortunately bad traffic. For families would advise parking downtown bayside (free parking) and then booking it up to the beach with enough food and drink to pacify the whole clan. For the average young man or lady I would advise carpooling, or using public transportation. Any outdoor hotspot is, without a doubt, the call. Downtown anywhere such as Shenanigans, Big Peckers, where-ever. Not to sure about the drink and food specials offered tonight so check the tweets and I’ll let you know!

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