If you are looking for a place to eat in Ocean City, there is plenty to choose from. With Memorial Day right around the corner, more and more of the seasonal favorite spots are opening back up for business. With today’s economy, many of the national restaurant chains have begun to offer less expensive dining options; 2 for $20 or 3 for $30 etc. Ocean City is no different. Check your favorite restaurant to see what they are offering. Don’t leave out the more “expensive” restaurants either, chances are their prices may have changed as well. Happy Dining!

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  1. Z06RL

    Embers is offering their ayce buffet for $19.99 every day, including holidays.
    The Bonfire offers their at varying prices according to the weekday. Wed, Thurs. price was $23.00, Friday was $25, and Saturday was $28.00 per person as of May 17, 2009


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