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    Quote Originally Posted by terp84alum View Post
    Bitch about the weather.

    LOL! Yes, and that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by terp84alum View Post
    Bitch about the weather.
    Gee, I thought that winter activity was exclusive to Pennsylvanians!

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    Wanted to reply to this thread, but have been unable to post since late October.

    OC Life-Saving Museum: Last time I was at the Convention Center to pick up a sand-wheelchair for my Mom, they had a stack of free passes for the museum on the counter. You could take as many as you want and I'm pretty sure they don't expire. Took a bunch and have them on hand for guests.

    This was last year, so not sure if they still do that, but it's worth stopping by there anyway, lots of info on what to do on OC if you're not here all the time.

    The museum is really cool and perfect for a rainy day or offseason.

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    I'm really bitching about the weather now. Lol

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