Just returned from a fun week in OC, (other than closing down the condo for the winter).

Craft beer fest was great and Mayor Meehan was there, so we bugged him.

Homeless problem at Caroline Street has gotten really, really bad. They are everywhere and it is a major eyesore. Not being cruel or anything, because these people are refusing any kind of assistance.

Crabs at Higgins weren't bad

Halloween at Seacrets was insane. Wish I got more pics, am sure they'll be posted. They wheeled one guy in in a full electric chair outfit..He even had burn marks all over him.

Weather was great except for one day

Spent half an hour on the phone talking with Mary Knight, City Council Woman. She's very nice and listened to the many concerns of late

Checked out the beach replenishment. Half of those guys are sitting around doing nothing. talked to them for an hour, mostly about football. They're all from New YAWK, so it was like a scene from Goodfellas.

Anyway, a friend of mine who lives near the Bay Bridge told me he always uses 404 to get to OC. His place is on 125th, so not sure if that makes any difference. We're on 29th.

We haven't used 404 in many years, so I'm wondering if this is a quicker route than 50. I always see many more cars in line at 404 where it meets 50; on the other hand, 50 has so many traffic lights and there always seems to be a new one every year. Perhaps it's a time of day/day of the week call as to which route is better.