Thanks to all for the input, about what I expected to hear. We 're oceanfront on 29th, really close to the shore, so the ocean usually drowns out most street noise. Mom's 91, not too mobile and is happy just sitting on the balcony looking east. We might be able to go out on the 18th, don't know yet, she's still in rehab.

Do agree about the biker crowd, most of them are pretty nice, it's just that noise and the mindset that they can wake the dead anytime in the interest of "safety". Would love to rent a Harley sometime and cruise their homes at 4am............or even better, do a Jerry Reed ("Snowman"), from Smokey and the Bandit, where he rolls over a few of them with his semi

Hopefully, most of the noise will be south of our place, but I'm sure we'll hear some of it. Maybe it'll rain in the evening; that sure took care of beach takeover weekend!