We tried to OCFC last summer, and were pretty disappointed.

Before completely writing it off, we decided to try another dinner there this past Saturday night.

I was a little afraid when we got there on a Saturday night in August, and the dining room on the first floor was almost empty. In August, at Captain's Galley, it was usually a half hour minimum wait for dinner.

My wife and I split the crab cake entre and shrimp scampi. I have to say, it was probably the best crab cake I've ever had at this location (Galley or OCFC). I had one last year, but I thought there was a lot of filler). The scampi was some of the best I've ever had.

As always, great dinner rolls and salad bar.

So, I was impressed. The one downside, it's expensive. $33 for a two crabcake entre seems pretty high to me, even for a tourist town. And I wish they'd add sandwiches to the dinner menu. The cheapest entre is I believe $22, but if you're feeding a family, it gets really pricey, really fast. Adding an option for sandwiches would make things a little easier, and maybe entice some more people to come for dinner.