I don't know if Harborside has fallen that much or not. We didn't like it the first time years ago. I could see hanging out for a drink and a burger, but not for dinner.

As far a the Lazy Lizard, I wrote a review a few years back about a lunch I had there. The reference was to the doorman they had carding people and putting bracelets on them for being over 21. The Lazy Lizard guy was rather gruff with a mouthful of rotten teeth. It was lunch time as well which made me feel as though I was taking my children and mother into a night club not bayside restaurant. That was the high point of our trip to the Lizard. So when we met the door man at the harborside complete with a lip full of snuff it brought back that memory. Still only two times in my life I have been carded walking into a place for a meal in OCMD.

DeMan the bartenders at LA told us about Our Harvest. We will hit that place next year for sure.

I know the plaza is expensive. Before the prices started really going nuts we used to rent a nicer unit than the current one. We actually rented the same unit for years. It is a beautiful unit just way too much money. We like the plaza because of the 3 bedroom units, indoor pool and the 2 parking passes. Next year we will not need both passes or the 3 bedrooms so we will be open to another building for sure. We did like the carousel as a building, but we have not seen a condo there only a hotel room.