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    Albero blog promises link to infamous Cowboyz/Crabcake Factory video

    So states Joe in the comments section. I am not sure I really want to see John Brooks girlfriend Bicurious Rose performing tricks with staff members. Scary.

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    Re: Albero blog promises link to infamous Cowboyz/Crabcake ...

    LOL do I have this guy's number or what. I have got him jumping thru hoops.

    This is the second time he has reacted specifically because of my referencing his blog here. First he pulls an entire thread from his blog in direct response to me linking it here even though he claims no one will coerce him to remove posts once posted. Then he makes a false claim to garnish my reaction. What a clown he is.

    I am still trying to understand what conspiracy theory he is babbling about. Obviously I read his blog as I keep referencing it here. Duh.

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    Albero 0

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    Good morning......would certainly enjoy reading more about bi-curious Rose.....

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