The contingent of homeless folks have really begun to take over this area and a few others on the south boardwalk area.

These aren't people that have run into some bad,luck, at the end of their rope and looking for a constructive hand up to re-join society. They are substance abusers who are doing nothing but causing problems by harassing boardwalk traffic and now there are more reports of crime. The big thing here is that they have refused any help to get their lives together; seem perfectly happy hanging out, being a nuisance and demanding a free trip to the hospital when they are arrested (their "right", of course".)

I've had a few run-ins with them over the years and it's getting worse. Sleeping on the sinks in the restroom, shouting out disparaging remarks (which I can handle, but they had my 90 year old Mother in tears one day when I was pushing her past them in her wheelchair).

Anyway, rant over; it is finally getting some attention here in this piece from The Dispatch:

If you have a minute and care about the quality of our Boardwalk; please pass along your thoughts to the Mayor/City Council/OCPD.