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I included Hooper's on my Dining Guide. http://www.oceancity.com/forums/show...7-dining-guide!

I do agree that it's somewhat overpriced, but there is no better service in OC. NEVER have had a rude or inefficient server, even when there's a full house, Only thing annoying is that they keep bringing out Hush Puppies, etc., before the crabs come out so you will eat less crabs.

Also agree about Phillip's. Still maybe worth one trip here and there, but the quality is down. Funny thing about Phillip's; we were there the first summer after the original owner had died and my wife & I noticed that they had really improved and diversified the selections in the buffet. Lots of cool, new choices. A year or so later, it was back to the old menu.

We went to Embers this year and it was good. Big improvement and they actually know how to prepare the King Crab so the meat just falls out of the shell instead of having to excavate for it.

Was somewhat baffled on the comment about the windows and no view of the water at Hooper's. There is a huge deck outside where every table has a great west view of OC. There are two more places to eat outside ON the water, with a better view. The inside has windows for the upstairs booths, but overall, the majority of the seating incorporates a great view.
Maybe it was just where we tend to get sat when we've gone.

I'll agree that the service was always good. But, good service only goes so far if the food is mediocre.

I've done AYCE crabs at Captain's Galley (now the OC Fish Co) and Crab Alley, and they do the same trick with the hush puppies. I hate to think of how many hush puppies have been wasted in the past decade.