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Don't get me wrong. I feel much compassion for all of them. But when tourists come to town and do stupid stuff that gets them hurt or killed, then that word comes into play. Like the guy who ended up in the trash compactor the other day.
Oh and the woman who was found dead in the sand wasn't in the water. Her body was well back on the beach. I'm not saying she's the "touron". The touron was the one who dug the hole and didn't fill it up when they left the beach. The touron is the one who left the dog food out for the mare at Assateague to eat, and then die. Very sad all around. Her wife has a go fund me set up to help with funeral expenses if anyone would like to donate.
318 SRT saves in 2 days. That's gotta be a record.

So as far as we know, the the woman that was found in the sand was walking on the beach at 2am, probably drunk, (although her BAC hasn't been reported). She fell into a hole someone dug and my guess is that the sand-sifting trucks went over the hole and buried most of her body. Question remains is; did she pass out and then die after the truck covered her, or did the hole collapse on her & no truck was involved? Folks that found her just saw some hair and part of her arm, so really sounds like the trucks were involved.

And Z, I like the "Touron" reference. That would actually be a fun thread to launch, goofy things that newbie vacationers do here. I could probably dig us a few good stories.