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Those out of the way, well-kept secrets are the best. Anyone remember Talbot Street Cafe? It's still there, but looks like it's been converted to a coffee shop. Definitely not how I remember it.

Over 20 years ago, The Beach Boys performed on the sand in Downtown OC. Only problem was it was an alcohol-free event. There was an intermission, so of course everybody had the same idea: rush to the boardwalk and pound down as much booze as possible to put on a nice buzz for the rest of the show. Lines were long everywhere, so my wife and I ducked down to Talbot Street and found the place when it was a bar. Cups with names on them hanging everywhere, but the cool thing about this place was they had Jaegermeister ON TAP chilled to 32 degrees. We did several quick shots of that ("liquid heroin"), and were good to go for the rest of the night.

They were either selling or giving away special Beach Boys Director's Chairs that night. My neighbor go a couple and I tried to buy them from her, as she didn't seem too excited about them. She never would sell them to me. Hacked me off, too because she wasn't a huge Beach Boys fan like my wife and I are.
I never knew that the Talbot St Cafe was a bar. I've only known it as a coffee shop.

That's a pretty cool story. Are you seeing the current Beach Boys next month in OC?