I stayed away from the boardwalk Friday night (not much went on anyhow) and didn't go near it at all Saturday, but watched the Backshore cam all night. I have NO doubt that if it hadn't rained that things would have escalated the later it got. I saw one older couple (early 60's or so) get surrounded by a group of young men who were keeping them from walking any faster or slower, like they were being herded. I would have been terrified. The kids were laughing and doing it deliberately. The groups were growing and growing as the night went on until the rain started. Honestly, you cannot convince me that some of those girls there weren't hookers. Just because of their actions and their dress. (don't flame me) I have never seen women of any age wear so little anywhere except hookers. And apparently, from what I read in this article, the organizers screwed those who paid for tickets to events. So that alone could have caused major trouble. I honestly believe that the rain was the whole reason it was fairly quiet. And personally, I was VERY happy to see the rain. But there was a HUGE police presence all night till it rained. Mounted, walking, and on bicycles. I did feel sorry for the tram drivers though because the kids just weren't moving out of the way.