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    Cruisin - What a cluster!

    For a while now I have been complaining about the double standard that the town, (Including OCPD) has shown in regards to import car weekends and Cruisin. I was down there this past weekend and it was a complete cluster. It validated my belief of the double standard.
    Let's discard the power outage on Friday which created a mess as that was not something the town could control.

    Saturday had an unbelievable amount of traffic. I have a home in Caine Woods (136th and up). A residential community. My neighbors and I were basically trapped in our homes as the traffic was not moving for most of the day. My one neighbor had no idea and was wondering why his Uber requests kept getting cancelled. I tried to venture out during the day but had to turn around. It took me 20 mins to get from 125th st to 123rd (where I decided to bail and turn around).

    Later in the early evening (around 8pm) I was able to get out and drove a bit. I saw 1 police car on my drive between 145th-65th. For H2Oi, the town brought in State Police but for this show, I didn't see any police (well except for that one). How is that possible???? During this past H2Oi, there seemed to be a state trooper at every other intersection.

    For H2Oi, cops were pulling cars over and impounding cars for ticky tack "safety" violations. For example ride height. During my Saturday drive, I lost track of the number of Drag cars that I saw. They were very much NOT street legal. When a car has wheelie bars, a parachute, slicks (afaik slicks cannot be driven on public roads), and bicycle tires on the is not street legal. Burnouts seemed to happen at will with no fear. It is like I can still smell the rubber.

    The town needs strict enforcement of both shows. Period. Stop the double standard. Stop cars that have legitimate safety concerns. I don't care as much about a car that is lowered to 1/2" below the legal limit as much as I am about a car driving on slicks. Stop the speeders. This is my biggest concern. And for my biggest pet peeve......stop people from using the buses/bikes/right turn only lanes as their personal express lane. Nothing gets my blood boiling hotter than being stuck in traffic on coastal hwy and seeing cars using that lane and driving through intersections.

    There were also people everywhere on lawn chairs drinking beer. Literally no one seemed to care about this.

    Also, the graphic signs that many people were holding up were annoying. I had my kids with me on my drive on Saturday night.9 and 6 years old. And I turned around at 65th because it seemed that the further south I went, the lewder the signs became.

    Let's also keep this discussion civil please. Previous ones have devolved into nasty arguments.
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