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    ADMIN: Please stop the Pop-ups!

    I get the "GET THE INSIDE SCOOP ON OCEAN CITY, MD" pop-up window all the time - way too often . It often kicks me back to the main page. It makes this site almost non-functional. The site is already pretty dead, but this is annoying enough that it causes me to use the site less and less, maybe soon not at all!

    Please get rid of or at least significantly reduce this pop-up window. BTW, I already signed up for what it asks for, so I really don't need to see it!


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    I'm in total agreement, OCGuy. This morning that popup is making it impossible for me to view the topics in some of the forums. (Not this one, obviously.) And, I, too, have already signed up for the offer this popup is promoting, so it's totally useless to me & is making the board useless. Please, stop it now! But, really, is there even an admin for this board anymore? It seems to be operating on it own lately.

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