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    Quote Originally Posted by SlowRider View Post
    I don't see why it wouldn't, unless your account is for less than 25mbps. I can see their point. They don't want you paying for 5mbps, but accessing the internet at 200 mbps through your neighbors account who is paying a higher price.

    Just to clarify; we pay for comcast basic cable only. We don't pay for internet, so usually use up a lot of data. Once in a while if you're in a certain room, you can get a free weak wifi signal from a neighboring hotel.

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    OK, that's the piece I wasn't picking up on.. So since you don't pay separately for your own Internet service, then my guess is that you will not be able to log onto the Xfinity hot-spots around OC.

    Maybe you should consider getting an internet account like we did. We're on a $30 per month plan for 25mbps. If you rent it out, adding free wifi would likely get you more renters, plus you could charge more. Let's face it - as soon as the kids get there, hell.. even the adults.. the first thing they want to know is the wifi access password so they don't have to pay for their phone data.

    The Pyramid renters have to use a pay by the day or week service that is supplied by management. I think it used to be "Ocean Net"? Back when we used to rent out our place, we offered free wifi and we almost always had the same families renting year after year. Consistent customers translated to much less damage.

    Good luck whatever you end up doing Jozo,
    Pete, Gaithersburg & Ocean City

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