We got to OC just after noon on Thursday, stopped at Waterman's as we approached town. Got our "usual," a flounder sandwich w/fries for my husband & a crabcake sandwich for me. Very good, as they always are. Then we had supper (sorry guys, but we're countryfolk, we eat supper) at Marina Deck. Flounder platter for hubby, steamed shrimp for me. Good, but the best thing here are the coconut & blueberry muffins. We could make a meal on them. Friday we had lunch at Dirty Harry's in Fenwick after spending the morning in Bethany Beach, again it was a flounder sandwich & a crabcake sandwich; the best crabcake ever. Before I continue I will warn you that our eating is really quite boring, we go to the shore for flounder & crabcakes! Friday's supper was on the sand at Fish Tales, flounder sandwich (the best of our trip) for hubby & steamed shrimp for me plus we split a basket of fries. Steamed shrimp was so tender & tasty! Saturday we had breakfast at Happy Jack's. I know there are better places for breakfast in OC, but this is one of those "family tradition" things. Hubby had pancakes with strawberries & whipped cream, I had blueberry pancakes. Both were really good. We did lunch at Dough Roller @ S. Division St. He had fried chicken & I had a slice of pizza (a must have on every trip to OC); no complaints about either, they were good just like we expected. Supper was at coins........again, he had a flounder dinner & I had a crabcake dinner. Both were very good, & reasonably priced. The beets that they offer as a side are really good & a change from the usual sides. On Sunday (Easter) we had our Easter dinner at Fish Tales. He had a flounder dinner, I had steamed shrimp. Good! Good! Good! For supper we got Kohr's ice cream, very good. And, our last meal, Monday morning breakfast, was at Layton's on 16th Street as it's one of the only places open at 6 AM & we wanted to head home early. We both had eggs, breakfast potatoes, toast. It was very good, but we think it's a bit pricey for such a simple breakfast. We really liked all the food we had, weren't disappointed with any of it. We had a very good time, the weather was reasonably good. The first few days were a bit cool, but we didn't expect it to be like July. Easter Day was the best, bright sun & hot as blazes; just like we like it.