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    Wind power is important

    Quote Originally Posted by Jozo View Post
    Do you own property or operate a business in OC?
    I do own property in OC, right on the ocean. We love our view, and are all for limiting visual barriers.
    But like some of the others here, I totally get the value of wind power, and don't want to be one of the people fighting the needed movement in that direction.
    Despite some of the anecdotes here, wind power is growing as a source of energy in the US, now generating over 5% of our power. Concentrated in a small number of states, but big in (surprise) places like Texas and Iowa.
    We all no doubt want to protect the quality of life here and our property values. But we are all citizens of the US and the world, so the value of moving to a non carbon future is worth a bit of change in what we're used to, in my view.
    Appreciate all the comments.

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    PSC hastily approves these waste of money eyesores..........hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Pretty good letter in today's Dispatch explining why they don't work and this will be a huge mistake if it materializes:

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