I see where the funding has now been approved for a beach replenishment program starting after labor day and running into late winter.

According to the article:

"During the next phase this fall, roughly 883,000 cubic yards of sand will be pumped onto the Ocean City beaches from offshore sources including 371,000 cubic yards needed to replace the sand lost during the January 2016 storm to bring the beach up to the minimum design template and another 521,000 cubic yards needed to bring the beach up to its full design template."

They'll pump the sand in from about 3 miles off shore. All in all, a pretty interesting engineering feat.

That said, while I'm sure they'll take my vacation into consideration in their planning, I wonder if anyone knows the timeline for which beach areas will be worked? I'm guessing that may not come until later given the funding was just approved but I recall this was an earlier plan that was pushed back past the prime season, so maybe there is already a plan?