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    Hotel help.... any suggestions?

    We have a small dog and want a nice clean place to stay. We are on a budget, so not to Posh... Some amenities would be nice - and we are young and like to have fun - but not rowdy... Any suggestions please???

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    hotel & pet

    according to info at the following hotels allow pets:

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    Hotels and pets


    Fenwick Inn only rents out the rooms directly under the nightclub to people with pets. It will probably not be quiet.

    Stay away from the Georgia Belle! There is a forum that talks about how bad it is!

    I really don't know about the others.

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    Pets & Hotels

    We have stayed at the Fenwickthe last 2 years with our 'son' Oscar. The pet rooms are on the 7th floor and are not too bad. Last year there was a party of some sort, but it didn't disturb us at all. Oscar wasn't thrilled with the elevator, but got used to it by the end of our stay. For the price, it is a pretty decent hotel. It's not the Ritz, but it's also not the pits.

    This year we are going to try the Barefoot Mailman. The only reason we're going to try something other than the Fenwick is location, location, location. The Barefoot Mailman is much closer to the boardwalk and is also on the ocean side of Coastal Highway. When it's just me and my husband, the highway doesn't bother us, but we prefer to keep crossing the street to a minimum with the dog. Not that it's very busy in October, mind you.

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