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    Anyone been to higgins or hoopers recently? Which is better for all you can eat crabs?

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    For all you cat eat crabs, I always used to go to Waterman's. It's on 50 in West Ocean City. I used to go there every year and always had great crabs, shrimp, and chicken. It's been six years since I've been, but my friends and I are planning on going there for Bike Week in September.

    Last time I had Higgins was when I worked for a radio station. They gave us food for mentions, so I'm pretty sure they gave us top notch stuff that's slightly better than the food they serve. However, it was very very good.

    I only went to Hooper's once. I wasn't too impressed, but I haven't been since they rebuilt.

    For great seafood, I'd have to go with Captain's Galley II in West Ocean City.

    If it's pizza you want, try Caruso's on the Boardwalk. It's quick, inexpensive, and very good. It's a great meal to have right after the long drive to the beach.

    Also, on the Boardwalk, Shenanigan's had great food and embiance. They regularly feature live Irish music.

    For a good burger, try Big Pecker's or Red Frog (not sure if that's right, but the name does have frog) at the Inlet.

    Can't go wrong with Bull on the Beach for sandwiches.

    Phillips can great atmosphere, but I think their portions have been getting smaller. I also like the view you get at Captain's Galley. A nice look at West Ocean City harbor.

    Marina Deck on Talbot St has great food. They also have some incredible happy hour specials if you want to eat in the bar.

    Nick's or JR's both have great ribs. I'm not sure, but I think they have the same owner. I've been to both, and the ribs and crabcakes are almost identical.

    Whew, now I'm hungry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chewie3 View Post
    Anyone been to higgins or hoopers recently? Which is better for all you can eat crabs?

    Been to both in the last year, wont be back. they are totally geared towards the tourist...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chewie3 View Post
    Anyone been to higgins or hoopers recently? Which is better for all you can eat crabs?
    Went to Hoopers 2 years ago. The service was mediocre at best, and the food was not that great for the price. It was a disappointment because the place looks nice but all the seafood we got seemed of frozen quality.

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    We like the Green Turtle too, the one in West OC is nice and often has live bands., has a nice bar area.
    Sometimes either on our way home or just to spend a day up at the outlets in Rehobeth we will go to the Rusty Rudder on Sunday Morning for their breakfast brunch. If they are still serving it is the absolute best around. It has been a year or so since we have been down on a Sunday...we arrive on Monday and leave on we have missed going there. I must say it is a good choice and eggs, waffles etc all made to order...very good. And then you get to walk it off at the outlets....and/or boardwalk in Rehobeth. (Alot smaller but nice)

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    Greene Turtle Stopped Live Bands last year except special occasions.

    DJ's Every Night.

    Castaways while not very good, has some good bands.
    Seacrets is getting better Bands each year. Dickie Betts and Yellowman in August. Woo Hoo.

    I like the entertainment at Steer Inn in Ocean Pines.
    Also Harborside Sundays.


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    Re: Best Places to Eat - Submit your picks

    Phillips Crab House on Philladelphia street (24th) has great crab cakes. My family and I were there last week. We ate at a different restaurant each of the four nights. Phillips was the best. The service was outstanding! From the hostess to the server, all had smiles and personalities. I can't say that for all of the restaurants we visited.

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