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    Best Places to Eat - Submit your picks

    The best seafood restraunt is not embers, and it is not higgins. i have gone to ocean city for my whole entire life. i have been raised to love the best seafood. i have been to just about every seafood restraunt in ocean city. i live down there every summer and come down once in a while during the year. if you are looking for something a little more fancy then the bonfire is definitly where you wnat to be they have great food. and the buffet is wonderful. if you are looking for a little bit more casual go to Phillips on i think like 24th street or something like that. you can either go upstairs to their fantastic buffet or you can stay down stairs for their fantastic menu is served. if you are looking for somewhere you can just go and not get dressed up or anythign you just want to eat at like a regular old crab house go to Watermans. they have the best seafood. if you go during the year they are the ones definitly to go to. if you want to just stay home and eat. then rippons is where you want to order your seafood in from. okay. i hope i helped.

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    Kinda cool how most replays are up into the city.We stay at 24 th street so know most.Embers,good sometimes.Higgin,always great,problem is service,but everyone has that.Philips,great,alwas!!!Have taken many friends there.Bonfire,awesome buffet.My favorite,yes,HIGGINS.Great and get what you want.
    Greg Greensburg,Pa

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    I have been going to O.C. all of my life. Some of the best restaurants are Harrison's Harbor Watch on the boardwalk at the inlet, Nick's Original House of Ribs at 145th St., The Wharf at 128th St.and if you are looking for steamed crabs Best Crabs at 143rd St.

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    Best of the Best

    I have been traveling down to Ocean City from Michigan for about 10 years every summer, and though I try to check out new places to find a meal, here are some off my favorites!
    Best Buffet: Phillips
    Best Subs: Anthony's Beer & Wine
    Best Breakfast: General's Kitchen
    Best Dessert: Dumsers!!!
    Best Place on Boardwalk: Alaska Stand
    I suggest everyone try at least one of these! See you on the beach!!

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    Dining out in OC

    Ok, I know it's the shore, but you don't have to limit yourself to pig-out all-you-can-ingest buffet-type things, and simply choose which one you like based upon who brings you your beer the fastest or whether they let the pile of crab legs get a little low. In reality, they're not too different from one another. But, there are some places to eat in OC where quality comes before quantity, and they are worth it. Try The Sole Grill on 127th for sushi, great entrees, and good service. Truly one of the best lobsters I've had in my life. For a more traditional fine dining experience and a slightly lower price than Sole, go to Reflections on 67th. The service won't get much better anywhere in a vacation town. For breakfast, you can't beat the Bayside Skillet, but be prepared to wait. People line up for the fresh sqeezed orange juice, decent coffee, incredible, large egg creations (omeletes and frittatas), and crepes with fresh fruit and the closest thing to real clotted cream this side of Wales. The Dough Roller (several locations) is fine if you like pancakes, but whatever you do, just stay away from English's Breakfast Buffet...ugh. You have to go to Ristoranti Antipasti if you want an Italian dinner. Shore towns are famous for having lots of bad pasta and pizza joints, but this place is OC's shining exception on 32nd St. The owner, Fausto, will take good care of you, from a decent wine recommendation right through the tour of recipes that could only have come from his own grandmother's kitchen. As another reviewer mentioned, The Wharf is good for seafood. And, if you find yourself in the mood for Chinese cuisine, Charlie Chiang's on 54th is quite good. Wherever you go for dinner, save room for dessert on the boardwalk...Kohl Brothers makes better frozen custard than Dumser's, despite the latter's popularity. Have Thrashers fries on the boardwalk for a snack while you're on the beach...heavenly grease. Just make sure you're committed to losing weight after vacation is over.

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    good food by Adam

    OK. I've been a seasoned visitor to OC, MD, and I have some quick suggestions about food. The Dough Roller has numerous locations, and is a nice cheaper food and is quality eating. Philips is a great seafood dinnerhouse, moderately priced, and very excellent dining atmosphere. 48th Street Crabhouse is a cheap small crab joint and is very cheap and VERY good crabs. But my favorite restaurant BY FAR, is JR's Place for Ribs. They have a wonderful selections of meat and is a great place to spend the night. Excellent staff, wonderful atmosphere, right in the heart of OC with 2 locations.

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    HI,I go ocean city every year, an we usually go with 24 other people in our party!!!SO WE KNOW HOW THE FOOD IS.OC maryland has the really great food. The places we hit up are...heres a list:

    BIG PECKERS-GREAT food, big burgers, big meals,good fries, just an all around awesome place.

    PHILIPS SEAFOOD BUFFET-a very nice LARGE buffet with a ton of choices. YOU will be pleased.

    ANTIPASTI's-ITALIAN CUISINE THAT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!I come from an italian family andi know what good Itailian food is andit is deffinately here. (Don't be fooled by the outside, it almost looks like a dump, but inside its VERY NICE)

    THRASHERS FRIES ON THE BOARDWALK-DDDDDDAMN. THE GREATEST FRIES EEEEVER!!!! THESE FRIES are the freakin bomb. If you miss these fries you might as well not even have came. lol

    JR's RIBS-good ribs, but anything else is only average.


    SEACRETS (Jamaica USA)-THIS place is truely awesome. We you go in it has all palm trees andis outside with sand and its just like you were on an ISLAND. You could go here to drink or just grab a bite to eat.



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    ****You have to try these places while in OC****

    I have been going to OC ever since i can remember i spent my first Birthday in OC, so i know where to eat! There are so many places to eat in OC that i love that it really feels like all i do is eat. Lets start with where to get the best seafood. For a large selection of seafood you have to go to Phillips,when you do be sure to try the crab imperial, and the Alaskan crab legs. If you are in the mood to sit down somewhere and eat crabs with your family i would strongly suggest Higgins. They have some of the best crabs i have ever had and you can recieve a great deal if you get there in time for the early bird special. You have the option of all you can eat crabs & shrimp, or crabs & ribs, they have great food, i wouldn't miss it! IF you want to pick up some crabs and bring them back to where you are staying you have to go to Bahama Mamas! They have the best crabs and they have won numerous awards for there crabs! For the best food on the boardwalk you would have to start out with a roast beef sandwhich from Bull on the Beach, followed by Thrashers fries (smothered in vinegar), and end it all with dessert from Dumsers. There is also this place on the boardwalk on 16th street i have forgotten the name but they have the best pizza! i would not reccommend Tonys pizza its hard to chew and it tastes like rubber Pinos Pzza is good for delivery, they also have great wings, small but delish! I would also have to agree with Nicks House of Ribs, and Big Peckers! They have a nice atmosphere and the food is great. For a fun beachy atmosphere you have to check out Seacrets, and Mackys. Well i hope i could be of some help. Dont forget to check out these awsome places, my mouth is watering thinking about them right now!

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    I have been going to O.C. for over 10 years. I have lived down there, worked in some restaurants, and got to know some of the "locals".
    I have also commented in this forum before and now I have some more to add.


    1)Phillip's Seafood Buffet--145th? Street
    --They have a salad bar, soup bar, raw bar steamed bar, pasta bar, dessert bar and carving station plus many other items. Call for buffet early bird times to get $1 to $2 off buffet.

    2)Hall's Restaurant & Buffet--60th Street
    --They have more fresh fish then Phillip's but no pasta bar. Check the local resort papers for coupons off their buffets.


    1) Hall's Restaurant & Buffet--60th St.
    --The buffet has every kind of breakfast food you can think of. 3 different kinds of scrambled eggs,eggs benedict,french toast, chipped beef, suasage gravy and bisciuts,bacon ,scrapple, home fries,pastries, cold & hot cereals, fresh fruit and lots more.


    1) The Captain's Table--15th St & Baltimore Ave
    --Casual fine dining. Great atmosphere with a piano player. The food has always been very good. Good Portions. Moderate to high end in price. seafood scampi is enough for two meals. Check Menu Magazine for a coupon.

    2) The Dunes Manor Hotel--28th street?
    --Casual fine dining. Endless salad at dinner, victorian atmosphere, less expensive than Captain's Table. Large portions. Very good food.


    1) Warren's Station--Coastal Highway in Fenwick
    --Large portions, good food, inexpensive, known for their turkey dinners, best cream of crab soup, best chocolate pecan pie, a must for anyone. No sales tax!

    2) Libby's--Coastal Highway in Fenwick Island
    --Diner-style food. Good breakfast assortment. Dinner specials. No sales tax!


    1) Waterman's Restaurant--Rt. 50 in West OC
    --Good deal on the AYCE crabs. They come with fried chicken, shrimp, hush puppies, french fries and rolls. Call for prices on AYCE.

    These are just some of my suggestions, I will have more soon!

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    Best Places to Eat

    I have been going to OC for the past nine years, my in-laws have been going there for the past 30 years.

    Phillips - They have two places. One on the boardwalk and one on Coastal Highway. The one on the boardwalk is a great place for an elegant breakfast. My Wife loves the Eggs Oscar. The one on Coastal highway is great for their Buffet and take out.

    Bay Side Skillet - Foods good, but the service is a bit slow. If you go for breakfast, get the strawberry Blintz

    Dummers - Great Deserts!!

    Thrasher - Greate French Fries - 2 places on the boardwalk.

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